Facts about Reed

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Awards and Fellowships

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American Academy of Arts and Sciences 29
American Association of University Women 23
Beinecke 10
Boren Scholarship 1
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Fellowships 4
Churchill 3
Critical Language Scholars 14
Jack Kent Cooke 3
Danforth 5
Fulbright Students 117
Gates Cambridge Scholars 1
Goldwater Scholars (since 1991) 27
Guggenheim Fellowships 61
Jacob K. Javits Fellowships 6
MacArthur Award winners 3
Marshall Scholars (since 1954) 2
Mellon Awards 25
National Academy of Engineering 3
National Academy of Medicine 2
National Academy of Sciences 22
National Science Foundation Fellowships 191
Pulitzer Prize winners 2
Rhodes Scholars (second highest number from a liberal arts college) 32
Sperling Studentship 20
Truman Scholars 4
Udall Scholars 2
Thomas J. Watson Fellows 72

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