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Danforth Graduate Fellowship

The fellowship was, at one time, the largest amount of money given for graduate work by any single foundation. The Danforth Foundation no longer provides this fellowship, having incorporated it into its other award programs. Nominees were women or men who had a serious interest in college teaching as a career and who planned to study for a doctorate. Restrictions were that the nominee be less than 30 years of age and could not have undertaken any graduate or professional study beyond the baccalaureate. The fellowship, awarded on an annual basis, and normally renewable for four years, included stipend plus tuition and fees and living expenses, varying according to individual need. Depending on undergraduate enrollment, each institution was eligible to nominate between two and five qualified candidates. Approximately 120 new fellows were selected each year by the foundation's advisory committee.

1966 Thomas A. Zepp
1976 Richard D. Milsom
1979 Susan Willey
1980 Mira Usha Kamdar
Kelly K. Harley

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