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Andrew W. Mellon Fellowships in Humanistic Studies

Until 2006 when the program was suspended, the Mellon Foundation provided graduating seniors committed to teaching and a broad vision of learning one year of support toward a Ph.D. in a humanistic field.

1983 Mark E. Sherman
1984 Neill Matheson
Michael E. Schaffer
1986 Gary Wolf
1987 Edward Hall
1989 Wendy Lynch
1990 Peter Gordon
1993 Giorgio Di Mauro
Molly Watson
1994 Tom Strong
1995 Tamara Griggs
1997 Erin Conroy
Kerry R. McCarthy
1998 Jason McGraw
Carl-Gustaf Scott
Benjamin Stevens
1999 Kimberly Oldenburg
Anne Oravetz
2000 Grant Mainland
2001 Darlene Pasieczny
2002 Gabriele Hayden
Timothy Sundell
2003 Michael Raven
2004 Ryan David Robinson
2005 Laurel Goldstein

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