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John Sperling Studentship

The Sperling Studentship supports Reed graduates in their pursuit of a one-year MPhil or three-year doctoral degree at Cambridge University. The studentships were founded in 1995 by John Sperling, founder of the University of Phoenix and an alumnus of both Reed College and Cambridge University. The studentship covers three years of tuition, college and university fees, and room and board

1997 Dorthea Sartain
Michelle Schaffer
Branimira Slavova
Julian Hendrix
Mira Rosenthal
2006 Evan Ward
2007 Louis Caron
2008 Joshua Newton
Jennifer Jordan
2010 Michael Rogers
2013 Michael Golan
2015 Benjamin Morris
2016 Mary Howard
Zubenelgenubi Scott
2017 Katie Halloran
Mimi Howard

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