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Thomas J. Watson Fellowship

Each year the fellowship provides funding to 50 graduating seniors for a yearlong project outside the U.S. The projects reflect a candidate's genuine interest in, and longstanding commitment to, a specific concern, whether or not this interest is evident in a formal course of study. The project must be one that can be pursued with great independence and adaptability, and it cannot involve formal study at a foreign institution. It must involve travel to areas where the student has not previously lived or studied for a significant length of time. The stipend for the fellowship year is $36,000.

1969 Ian A. Merwin
Margarette Wasow
1970 Laurence Frank
Zohra Kalinkowitz
1971 Dennis Tucker
1972 Andrew Magee
John Myers
1973 George Lappas
1974 Peter Lee
1975 Peter Child
Steven C. Hankin
Steven Raichlen
1976 James Stewart
1977 James D'Emilio
Fred Fenton
1978 William Frost
Jeffrey Thomas
1979 David S. Barrett
Neal S. Goren
1980 Mira Usha Kamdar
Boyd Said Nuseibeh
1981 Kevin Robbins
Hilary Simons
Lisa Steinmann
1982 Rebecca Braslau
Daniel Wolf
1983 Susan Alberts
Monica Irons
1984 Julia Liu
1985 Susan Hohl
Brendan McConville
1986 Alison McAlpine
Adam Penenberg
Ruthanne Williams
David Wolczyk
1987 Alana Boland
Harvey Manning
Sara Whiteley
1988 Lisa Kemmerer
John Peck
Kenneth Ward
1989 Benjamin Yang
1991 Erica L. Kohl
Stephanie Sakellaris
1992 Juliet Glass
George Weiblen
1993 Nicolle LaFleur
Rachel Scherr
1994 Tom Strong
1995 Katharine Poundstone
Johannah Raney
1996 Wylie Harris
1998 Margaret Mayfield
Erica Weaver
1999 Gabriel F. Weiss
2000 Alison Madsen
2001 Kraig Kraft
2002 Amber Bradley
2003 Joseph Stoller
2005 Caitlin Shrigley
2006 Dawn Teele
2007 Geoffrey Finger
Jeffrey Maguire
2008 Lukas Strickland
2013 Collin Perkinson
2015 Rennie Meyers
Sasha Peters
2019 Rose Driver
2020 Stephanie Gee
Giorlando Ramirez
2021 Alisa Chen
2022 Stevie Hoesel

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