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Rhodes Scholarship

The Rhodes Scholarships, established in 1902, are intended to strengthen ties between the UK and the rest of the English-speaking world and to assist the careers of those seeking to advance the public good. This highly prestigious award enables a student to study at Oxford University for two years. An excellent academic record is important, but equally important are certain personal qualities: a demonstrated ability to lead, a commitment to serving the wider community, physical vigor, and, in general, energy, ambition, and success in fields of endeavor other than academic study. Thirty-two American Rhodes scholars are selected each year.

1915 S. Stephenson Smith
1918 Loyd Haberly
1919 Frank Flint
1921 Thomas P. Brockway
1929 Francis F. Coleman
1930 Maure Goldschmidt
1934 Oscar Gass
1935 Donald N. Wheeler
Robert C. Barnard
1936 Sam Van Hyning
1937 L. Grant McConnell
1947 Gerald M. Meier
1949 James J. Walsh
1950 B. Gale Dick
1951 Kalman J. Cohen
1953 Raymond Mjolsness
1955 Kenneth J. Love
1956 Paul R. Burgess
John R. Sadler
1957 John E. Moore
1959 Rodger Young
1964 Jon N. Westling
1965 Richard J. Danzig
1966 Michael Teitelbaum
1970 Maxwell J. Mehlman
1971 Patrick Call
1974 Erik Woody
1976 Douglas Holmgren
1978 Rachel Klevit
1990 Paul Muench
2000 Derek E. Lyons
2017 Pema McLaughlin

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