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Alumni Survey 


Institutional Research at Reed conducts a survey of alumni 5, 10, 15, and 20 years post graduation. The survey is administered every other year by The Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS). Reed has participated in the survey in spring 2017, 2019 and 2021.  

The HEDS Alumni Survey asks alumni about the quality and impact of their undergraduate educational experiences, including cocurricular activities such as internships, study abroad, and community service. The survey also asks alumni to evaluate the impact of their undergraduate education on their postgraduate critical thinking, problem-solving, and other learning outcomes. Finally, the survey asks about postgraduate employment, college satisfaction, and college debt.

We recognize the HEDS Alumni Survey is not specific to the Reed experience. Some questions asked may not be relevant to Reed. However, it gives us valuable comparative data.

Making an Impact 

Alumni participation is important. The results of the survey are used to inform key audiences about the impact of Reed on alumni. The results are used

  • As a resource of information for advising, student education, and student career development;
  • As an evaluative tool for the quality and/or use of student support services;
  • As feedback for faculty and staff for program development;
  • As a resource for the recruitment of new students.  


The survey is analyzed by Institutional Research at Reed and conforms to high standards for the treatment of confidential data. The survey is confidential but not anonymous. Anonymous surveys make it impossible to prevent multiple responses per person or to send reminders only to non-respondents. Results are aggregated for all reporting such that the identity of specific individuals cannot be inferred.

Survey Results

2021 results are available. The classes surveyed include:

Classes 2015 + 2016 (5 year)
Classes 2010 + 2011 (10 year)
Classes 2005 + 2006 (15 year)
Classes 2000 + 2001 (20 year)

2019 results are available. The classes surveyed include:

Classes 2013 + 2014 (5 year)
Classes 2008 + 2009 (10 year)
Classes 2003 + 2004 (15 year)
Classes 1998 + 1999 (20 year)

2017 results are available. The classes surveyed include:

Classes 2011 + 2012 (5 year) 
Classes 2006 + 2007 (10 year) 
Classes 2001 + 2002 (15 year) 
Classes 1996 + 1997 (20 year)  


If you have any questions regarding the alumni survey, please contact alumni@reed.edu or 503-777-7589.