Human Resources

Court leave


 All regular (non temporary) employees are eligible.

Pay during court leave

When called to jury duty, you will receive your regular pay for a maximum of two weeks. If you are required to serve longer than two weeks, the time will be unpaid. If you are released from jury duty with two or more hours remaining in your normal work day, you are expected to contact your supervisor to determine if you will be required to come back to work.

If subpoenaed as a witness or participant in criminal or civil proceedings (including depositions and administrative proceedings), you may receive up to two paid court leave days in a calendar year. If you need to miss work for more than two days, you must use vacation. Employees who wish to voluntarily appear in a civil or criminal proceeding (including depositions and administrative proceedings) must use vacation. If you do not have enough vacation, you may request unpaid time away from work.

Using court leave

  • Notify your supervisor immediately once you have cause to believe you will be called to jury duty or be subpoenaed.
  • Provide your supervisor with a copy of the jury duty or subpoena notice.
  • Whether you are exempt or nonexempt, you will enter your court leave in Employee Self-Service
  • Indicate to the court that you are receiving pay from Reed College, and you will not receive pay from the court.
  • Contact your supervisor if jury duty concludes with two or more hours remaining in your work day
  • Keep your supervisor informed about when you will return to work