Human Resources

Staff Recognition


Giving a shout-out is a great way to recognize your fellow staff and faculty for their work, talent, and for living out our values. It is also an opportunity to contribute to a culture of appreciation and community. Shout-outs will be added to this page once a month.

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May Shout-Out
My team of coworkers L'Keisha, Johanna, Anne, Elizabeth, Mel, Katie and Rachel all wore capes for super hero day. They really get me and I appreciate their enthusiasm.
-Cindy Everetts, Health and Counseling Center
June Shout-Out 
Deniz has been doing amazing work cultivating and leading the new Advancement Communications team. She is passionate and collaborative, and has a wealth of higher education communications knowledge. Thank you, Deniz!
-Emily McNulty Scripter, Advancement
November Shout-Out 
In our most recent leaky office situation, Terry worked quickly to fix our leak and to do it while causing the least disruption. Terry is always thoughtful and checks in often to be sure that we know what to expect. Thank you so much for your great work, Terry!
-Cypress Williams, Human Resources

Excellence awards

Once a year, staff may nominate a colleague for any aspect of excellence in one or more of these areas:  leadership, change and innovation, or behind-the-scenes excellence. Excellence awards listed here will include the winners from the past five years.

Eric Alwine,
 Library Reserves Specialist
April Sams, Director of Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety

Lyn-Mara Eggleston,
 Assistant to the Librarian
Jolina Kwong Caputo, Associate to the Dean of the Faculty
Jenni Leatham, Staff Counselor

Bryan Kelly,
Custodial Shift Supervisor
Jessika Chi, Assistant Dean for Institutional Diversity
Katrina Tanner, Assistant Director of HR

Ray Krebs,
Josh Tackitt, Computer Shop Manager
Dayspring Mattole, Assistant Dean of Students for Inclusive Community

Doris Hall, Facilities Office Manager
Tony Moreno, Digital Media Specialist