Human Resources

Compensation Philosophy

The philosophy behind Reed’s compensation practice is to create a program that supports the college’s mission and values.

Reed’s compensation program is designed to attract, motivate, and retain talented employees who drive the college’s success. We strive to provide a base pay that meets market, that is competitive against similar institutions, and reflects internal pay equity practices. 

Reed follows fair, transparent, and equitable compensation practices. When we make pay decisions, we compare the candidate's qualifications and relevant work experience to peers in similar roles within the organization. Our thorough compensation review does not leave room for negotiation. Reed does not negotiate pay. 

The total employee compensation package at Reed, when combined with our generous benefit programs and quality of work/life balance, is both fair and competitive. 

It is the role of Human Resources to provide oversight and guidance for hiring managers to follow consistent and fair compensation practices. Contact your supervisor or Human Resources if you have questions about Reed’s pay practices.