Tango for Musicians at Reed College

Tango for Musicians Ensembles

Every registrant will be assigned to one TFM Ensemble, including all level musicians, all instruments, and pre-formed ensemble registrants and arrangers.

On the registration form, each musician will be invited to indicate a preference order regarding type of ensemble. As the ensembles will be comprised of a combination and balance of instruments, level of playing, and registration order, the final ensemble assignment will be determined by the artistic faculty. Once a role is assigned, it cannot be changed.

For the 2024 edition, we will form the following types of ensembles:

  • Tango for Musicians Orquesta Típica / Atípica 
  • Tango for Musicians Community Tango Orchestra
  • Pugliese Style Orquesta Típica (advanced level)
  • Smaller ensembles with varying levels of difficulty
  • Peña de cantores (singers with accompaniment of other instruments)

Video Submission

  • After payment is confirmed, each participant will receive three parts for their instrument, at three different levels of difficulty.
  • Each musician should choose ONE of these parts and record it in a simple phone video.
  • We highly recommend selecting the part that best suits your abilities. We recommend that the part chosen is not too demanding, as this will enable you to make the most of the tango tools that go beyond simply performing the score. 
  • You will have up to 10 days to upload your recorded video to a Google Drive folder that we will provide. Please upload it using the following naming convention: YOUR NAME_Name of the tango_Date of submission.

On April 30, 2024, ensemble assignments and parts will be sent by email.

About Each Ensemble Type

Tango for Musicians Orquesta Típica / Atípica
Perfect for experiencing what it is like to play with many others, in the most famous tango ensemble ever: the Orquesta Típica. 

Tango for Musicians Community Tango Orchestra

Perfect environment for those who don't want too much stress playing difficult pieces, and also indicated for amateurs and tango dancers who play a little. Everyone is welcome to join this orchestra. For those who join this orchestra there will also be one special masterclass everyday about fundamental aspects of tango language with body and simple playing exercises.

Pugliese Style Orquesta Típica 
Perfect for those who would like to delve deeper into the Pugliese style. This orchestra will be for advanced players.

Smaller ensembles with varying levels of difficulty
We will form various smaller ensembles, such as quartets, quintets, or with avant garde and challenging music, for those who would like to experience exposition as soloists in a smaller ensemble.

Peña de cantores (singers with accompaniment of other instruments)
Every singer should choose ONE TANGO to sing, as in the famous Argentinian "Peñas de Cantores" (bars where singers meet and each one sings the same song every night, in order to search for the deepest possible interpretation). Each singer will choose one favorite tango to sing every night. Singers who are also part of this Peña de cantores ensemble will sing other tangos.