Tango for Musicians at Reed College

About Us

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We are the official North American affiliate of the Buenos Aires-based tango education workshop Tango Para Músicos. Tango For Musicians at Reed College, in partnership with Tango Sin Fin, combines the experience and expertise of the Tango Para Músicos team with the uncompromising commitment to educational excellence and student achievement that defines Reed College, one of the United States’ most elite liberal arts colleges. You can expect personalized attention from our artistic faculty, world-class facilities for all educational activities, and an institutional environment that is absolutely focused on the mission—and pleasure—of learning tango music together.


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Tango Sin Fin is a non-profit organization based in Buenos Aires, Argentina dedicated to promoting Argentinian popular music nationwide and around the world. Since its foundation in 2013, Tango Sin Fin has pursued many projects focusing on educational initiatives which favor the development of young musicians interested in studying new tango music. In 2014, Tango Sin Fin carried out the first edition of the international tango workshop Tango Para Músicos in Buenos Aires, which is currently undergoing preparations for its fourth edition scheduled for February 2019. In 2015, a partnership with Tango for Musicians at Reed College was formed, bringing some of the best musicians and teachers from Buenos Aires to Portland, Oregon, with a special week-long program designed to teach the secrets of tango music to the English-speaking North American community of tango musicians. Tango Sin Fin is also the publisher of the Método de Tango book series, the first basic and comprehensive method for playing tango music.