Tango for Musicians at Reed College

2017 Edition

The fifth edition of Tango for Musicians at Reed College was an unforgettable week of music making.

Tango for Musicians at Reed 2017

With participants from Belgium, Canada, Germany, Australia, Austria, Italy, and all over the United Sates, the 2017 North American edition of our world-renowned program once again gathered very talented musicians of all levels interested in developing their knowledge in tango and Argentine music. This year, the wide curriculum including instrumental techniques classes, ensemble classes, and tango music styles and history featured a brand new track for composers who worked throughout the week under the guidance of the artistic faculty and had the chance to workshop and premiere their new tango pieces with a six-piece ensemble.

“The dedication to making good music was phenomenal among the teachers in the whole program. Playing with the orquesta tipica was a real pleasure. I found the repertoire very challenging and rewarding.

“The program was extraordinary! This endeavor is clearly of historical significance in terms of educating performers and composers about the authentic tango idiom. I was so pleased to learn from musicians who have taken tango to such a high level of mastery. The blend of composer/performers on the faculty made for such a rich and illuminating experience.”

“Very happy I had a chance to attend it! Overall amazing high standards for tango musicians education. Loving every minute of it. Very warm faculty - it really made a huge difference!”

Artistic faculty featured Paulina Fain, Exequiel Mantega, Ramiro Gallo, Diego Schissi, Ignacio Varchausky, Hernán Possetti, Eva Wolff, Micaela Vita, and Sebastián Henríquez, who are some of the world’s most renowned tango musicians and educators. Throughout the week they shared their knowledge and experience with the 62 musicians who joined the summit both in formal and informal settings, including masterclasses, ensembles (including a traditional orquesta típica and an atypical orchestra), concerts (presented in collaboration with Chamber Music Northwest), and friendly outdoor activities.

“Excellent! The balance between musical activities and more intellectual/background ones was great for me. The faculty demonstrated the highest caliber of talent and pedagogical skill, but were also warm and welcoming. This is so rare.”

“It was everything I expected and hoped for, and much more. My highest compliment for the faculty and the organizers in every respect.”

“The chance to dive into original work with Diego and Exequiel was one of the richest musical experiences I've had in a long time.”

This edition of Tango for Musicians at Reed College has given us the opportunity to witness that the tango musician community in the United States is more alive than ever and is still growing. Being able to support the development of all returning participants and sharing our tools with newcomers remains our main goal with this program, and we can guarantee that 2018 will take us one step beyond in that direction. We hope to see you in 2018!

“It was wonderful to be part of the program and to be able to connect with and hear so many talented musicians.”

“Work hard, play hard, the program is intense and challenging. The teachers are very strict, but at the same time very warm and supportive.”

“Absolutely superlative. I will be back annually since this experience is truly transformative.”