Tango for Musicians at Reed College

2022 Edition

The thrill of meeting in person again after the pandemic made for an amazing 8th edition of our program.

group photo from 2018

More than 60 musicians from the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico joined us for the 8th edition of Tango for Musicians at Reed College. 

The week was full of great emotion and happiness from all the participants. The chance to meet in person again created a magical atmosphere of giving and energy. The week we shared included activities such as A la Parrilla classes, Orquesta Típica rehearsals, the work of the arrangers together with Kingfield Ensemble and the all-woman orchestra Solidaridad, as well as concerts, nightly jams, milongas, and a student showcase—all unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experiences. 

We are looking forward to making our 2024 edition an even more memorable one! 

Testimonials from our 2022 edition:

“This is always one of the year's highlights for me—amazing musicians and human beings getting together to create something beautiful.”

“Fantastic. As someone who has attended various (great) workshops over the years, I think this one was the most beneficial to me, the best organized, and the highest quality teaching.” 

“The instructors were terrific. They were all so generous with their extensive knowledge, enthusiasm, and care. I learned so much and loved the spirit of it all!”