Tango for Musicians at Reed College

2016 Edition

The 2016 edition of Tango for Musicians at Reed College was bigger and better than ever!

Tango 2016

We had a tremendously talented group of participants who joined us from across the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Many returning participants attended with their pre-existing tango ensembles, presenting wonderfully original arrangements, compositions, and new ideas for tango. Our orquesta típica and other student ensembles reached an incredibly high level of performance in one short week of working together. We launched a dedicated track for tango vocalists and heard amazing results in diction, phrasing, and overall interpretation among our singers. Everyone contributed to creating a positive and supportive atmosphere that defined the learning experience throughout the week.

“This is a unique and wonderful program with a good balance between the classroom and performance, with plenty of performance opportunities.”

“Tango for Musicians at Reed College provides an environment for musical growth, a place to focus on the elements that make tango music what it is, and a direction to move forward to an entirely new music based on the clear models from the past.”

“Terrific opportunity to connect with other musicians and to learn the language of tango.”

Our distinguished artistic faculty joined us from both Buenos Aires and the United States, including some of the world’s most renowned tango musicians and teachers. Both through lessons and special concerts open to the public, they dedicated the whole week to sharing the secrets of tango music with the community gathered at Reed College.

“I thought the curriculum was well-planned and cultivated. Having instrumental class first thing, ensembles in the afternoon, with lectures in between, is a good structure. Teaching points/themes were clearly repeated throughout the day - this was very helpful. I felt that the whole environment was supportive - from the teachers to the other students. This was an amazing experience!”

“Exceeded my expectations. I could go on and on about how wonderful the people, the campus, the concerts, the ensemble experience, and the classes are. But I want to point out just one thing: the way faculty promoted a safe, supportive, friendly, non-competitive environment.”

The success of our 2016 edition has left us with a strong desire to move our program forward in 2017. Our goal is to give musicians from throughout the world the tools they need to make their contribution to this wonderful music, and we are confident that the students with whom we have the privilege to work at Tango for Musicians at Reed College will be central figures in the future of tango. Join us in 2017!

“The overall experience was wonderful. I've attended a number of summer festivals and workshops over the years, and I've never gotten so much out of a single event like this.”

“Thank you so much to the faculty and staff for putting so much time and thoughtfulness into every detail of the program! You've created an unforgettable experience for us all.”

“It has helped me a lot to develop further as a tango player. Thanks a lot.”