Tango for Musicians at Reed College

Pre-Formed Ensembles

If you are coming with your whole tango ensemble, apply for one of the five available spots

For the 2024 edition, the ensemble should premiere a new arrangement or original music in the weekend concert.

About the Activities

  • Tango for Musicians invites pre-formed ensembles to apply for one of five spots to be able to work on and premiere a new arrangement or original music during the week and at the Friday final concert. 

  • The five selected pre-formed ensembles will have the opportunity to rehearse under the supervision of the faculty in an open rehearsal format. This open rehearsal will take place during the “Afternoon Masterclass” time. The open rehearsal setting will lead to wonderful exchanges and will provide a chance to experience how other fellow musicians seek and resolve to bring new music to life. 

  • All musician participants will also be assigned to one Orquesta Típica or another of the available ensembles, during the ensemble class time. There will be no overlap of these rehearsals.

  • Musicians can join only ONE pre-formed ensemble. In case they are part of two, if the two groups are accepted, they can join only one and must decline the other choice.

Open Rehearsals

  • The five pre-formed ensembles will share the space and have at least two playing sessions of 40 minutes on different days to work on the piece with the supervising faculty.

  • The open rehearsals will take place with faculty members during the “Afternoon Masterclass” time, from Monday through Thursday, between 4:15 - 5:45 pm. 

  • During these sessions, the selected pre-formed ensembles will work on a new arrangement or original piece throughout the week which must be premiered in the weekend concert. 

  • The open rehearsals will be open to all TFM registrants as auditors, to exchange experiences and witness how an advanced ensemble makes decisions about bringing new music to life for its premiere.

How to Apply

Pre-formed ensembles wishing to apply should complete the Pre-formed Ensemble Application Form by March 3, 2024. On this form, two public links should be provided:

  • A public link to a video of the ensemble, playing a song from their repertory.

  • One Score + audio. Possibilities are:
    • Score of the arrangement or original piece to be premiered.
    • Score of one of the last arrangements written (in case the music will be written starting in the near future)
    • Request for a commission by an external arranger/ composer
  • The artistic faculty will contact the arranger or composer by email and communicate whether the ensemble is accepted within 48 working hours after applying.

  • Once the acceptance has been communicated, all ensemble members must register for Tango for Musicians within 7 business days of this notice.

About the Music to Work on

  • The pre-formed ensemble should propose a new arrangement or original piece of two to four minutes duration to work on throughout the week.

  • In the case that the ensemble, instead of writing this new music, wants to commission a customized arrangement or original work from an Argentine arranger or composer, Tango Sin Fin can assist with curating the commission and act as an intermediary for payment of the composer's fee.

  • In the weekend concert, the pre-formed ensembles will premiere the new arrangement or piece and may also complete the set of pieces with other repertory as they like.

Musical Writing Tutoring Online Course

As learning new tools for writing tango music during the TFM week is a stressful process for most registrants, we decided to propose something new. An online “Musical Writing Tutoring Course” for Arrangers & Composers will be offered by instructors Exequiel Mantega and Pablo Jaurena to provide new tools and a tutorial accompaniment to the writing process for those who need or want it. After application, the team of teachers will suggest to the arranger or composer whether they recommend joining the online course. This online course will have an extra fee. Learn more here.

How to Deliver the Music

In all cases, the final score must be sent to the faculty for review by the deadline of May 27, 2024.

Important Notices

  • Musicians can join only ONE pre-formed ensemble. In case they are part of two, if the two groups are accepted, they can join only one and must decline the other choice.

  • If any members of the ensemble can't come to Tango for Musicians, the pre-formed spot will be forfeited, unless the ensemble coordinator seeks a registered musician to replace them with sufficient advance notice for the replacement to perform the music correctly.

  • The ensemble can complete the performance at the weekend concert/milonga set and to the new arrangement or piece more pieces of their usual repertoire.