Tango for Musicians at Reed College

2015 Edition

Tango for Musicians at Reed College 2015 was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who made it such an amazing week of friendship and learning. We had 50 wonderful participants join us from across the United States, Canada, Europe, and even Australia. They enjoyed a rigorous curriculum that included tiered instrumental techniques classes, ensemble rehearsals, sessions on tango styles and history, composition and arranging classes, and afternoon closing sessions that reinforced everything that was covered each day. Participants played in a wide range of ensembles, from flute duos, to a tango guitar quintet, to a large tango big band (orquesta típica); and three preformed ensembles were coached on their own material. Any educational event is only as good as its participants, and we were tremendously fortunate to have such an engaged, energized, and positive group. Thank you all for sharing your talent and enthusiasm with us!

“I gained so much appreciation of what tango is as an art form. I've had many highlights in my life, but this was another one.”

“In-depth understanding of an authentic tango sound, history, and techniques. I loved being taught without “sugar coating” and with enthusiasm that is contagious! I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!”

“The experience was extremely challenging for me but also very rewarding. As a less experienced musician, I really appreciated the supportive spirit of the program.”

“I feel that I learned so much, especially how much more I would like to learn.”

Our eight artistic faculty members combined to create the dream team of tango education. Seven of them traveled all the way from Buenos Aires to be with us, with the eighth coming from New York. Five of them literally wrote the book on tango style and technique for their instrument, with recently published or forthcoming volumes in the Metodo de Tango book series, which served as the foundation of our educational curriculum. Each and every one of them gave their all as instrumental coaches, ensemble directors, and teachers of special topics, sharing everything they have learned over lifetimes of experience as tango performers and educators.

“I was so impressed with the teaching faculty and the integration of concepts in the teaching materials. The teachers were not only inspiring performers, but amazing in their teaching styles, each unique in his or her own way of expression. I also really liked how they worked together as a team.”

“I have so much admiration for the faculty as musicians, educators, and nice people, who communicated their knowledge and enthusiasm for the music so well.”

“I was inspired by all the faculty, by their devotion to tango, and their commitment to excellence.

“I was warmed and inspired by their encouragement and by the genius of their musicianship.”

“The faculty presented a cohesive program of what makes tango tango. All members were in agreement about the concepts presented. This consistency of approach provides the student with a firm ground from which to continue and advance.”

The Tango for Musicians at Reed College concert series presented four nights of live music featuring our amazing artistic faculty and wonderful participants. These concerts were designed to demonstrate the depth and diversity of contemporary tango music to participants and the general public alike. The concert series brought approximately 1,400 people to campus, including 750 people for our sold out closing concert, presented in conjunction with the Chamber Music Northwest summer festival. Participant ensembles were featured in four different performance settings, including an afternoon showcase open only to participants and a late night tango social dance (milonga) featuring live music.

“I loved every faculty member. I can really tell that producing music is what they love to do, and it definitely shows through their performances.”

“All of the faculty were marvelous, and I felt it was a real event to be able to participate, and to hear them perform their material - both standard, well-known fare and compositions by the faculty. What a treat!!”

“The material for the orquesta típica was great in terms of conveying rhythmic challenges and concepts. For many of us, it was the first time playing in a good, large tango ensemble. Having three faculty join us for the performance was eye-opening.”

“Great networking, inspiring performances, good experience performing in a concert setting.”

Tango for Musicians at Reed College drew upon the world-class teaching facilities of Reed College, including our new Performing Arts Building. Participants stayed on campus in Reed’s historic old dorm block building and ate their meals in Reed’s exceptionally high quality dining facilities. (This is not your parents’ college cafeteria!) Room and board was included in the cost of tuition and helped everyone stay focused on the shared mission of learning this wonderful music.

“The campus, food, and accommodations were great.”

“The food was fantastic! Reed is a wonderful place.”

Tango for Musicians at Reed College 2015 was great, but our 2016 edition is going to be even better, with a new array of course offerings, new ensemble materials, and a refined collection of teaching materials. We want to be your annual destination for tango music education and are looking forward to growing with you. Please join us from June 19-26, 2016. Sign up on our email list or like our Facebook page for updates. Registration will open on January 19, 2016. We look forward to seeing you next year!