Tango for Musicians at Reed College

Auditors Track 2024

Tango for Musicians 2024 will feature an auditors track designed for those who want to learn more about tango but don’t (or don’t want to) play an instrument or for non-musicians or tango dancers who would like to learn more about the genre.

The auditors track includes access to:

  • Tango Styles & History masterclasses (PAB 332)
  • “Orquesta Típica” rehearsals (PAB 320)
  • Parrilla classes (PAB 320)

Auditors should not arrive at the Performing Arts Building before 11:30 am and should access only the available classes above. Auditors may not participate in playing or asking questions in the classes.

Auditors can also join the Jam Tango Sessions at night and the concert on Friday, June 28. Auditors paying for the full week will also receive a ticket to the concert on Saturday, June 29.

Cost & Registration

Full week: $250
Single day: $60

These costs do not include room and board, though food will be available for purchase on campus, and housing on campus can be arranged for auditors at an additional cost. 

Register here through the end of the event or until full capacity is reached.