Tango for Musicians at Reed College

Tango for Composers

Tango for Composers

Concurrent with the dates of Tango for Musicians at Reed College, we’ll be presenting a new program aimed at composition students at the intermediate and advanced levels wanting to experiment within the tango genre and the Argentine musical tradition. No previous compositional experience with tango is necessary.

Tango for Composers will offer all participants a special lesson plan which will include rehearsals for the entire week with a real ensemble performing the composers’ pieces, one-on-one lessons with the composition faculty, and masterclasses covering the fundamental tools on the writing and appreciation of tango music. The week-long curriculum will culminate in a concert program featuring original compositions by the participating composers.

Those who attend Tango for Composers will have access to the full program of activities and concerts that are part of the larger Tango for Musicians at Reed College event.


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