Health and Counseling Services

Division of Student Life

Trans and Gender Nonconforming Students

**Please see crucial information regarding HRT prescriptions during summer break here

The HCC staff believe that each individual has the right to gender affirming treatment. We have in-house medical providers that can prescribe gender-affirming hormone therapy. If desired, we will assist students to locate providers for desired treatments and act as a resource throughout their chosen treatments.

At the HCC we offer:

  • Prescriptions for gender-affirming hormone therapy.
  • Medical coordination if you have an off campus provider.
  • Lab work ordered by your off campus provider can be done at the HCC.
  • Our HCC counselors are gender-affirming and trans-inclusive. We also have partnerships with gender-affirming therapists in the community for those looking for longer term, regular weekly therapy. Our Care Coordinator can assist you in connecting with a therapist.

Want to change your name in Reed Banner? Please visit the Trans and Gender Nonconforming FAQ page.

Want information on what the Pacific Source Reed Student Health Insurance covers? Please view the Gender Affirming Surgery and Related Procedures document and visit the Pacific Source website for complete information on benefits, participating providers, print an ID card, etc.

Please view the Reed College webpage for Trans and Gender Nonconforming Students to learn of many other resources.