Student Accounts

Health Insurance

Every degree-seeking undergraduate student must be covered by health insurance and will be charged for one of the college’s plans, if they do not have comparable coverage.


If you have your own insurance coverage and do not want to join the Reed plan, you must provide proof of comparable health insurance coverage annually by completing an insurance waiver, prior to the first day of classes. Beginning Spring 2023 semester, all waivers will go through an audit process in order to confirm the other coverage meets the necessary requirements. Once the waiver is approved, the insurance charge will be offset by a waiver credit. This includes students who have been approved for part-time student status.

Students do not need to enroll in the school-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan to access services at the college’s Health & Counseling Center (HCC). Many services at the HCC are provided at no charge to students. 

Students who do not submit a waiver will be billed each semester for the health insurance provided by the college. You must attend at least 30 days of a semester to be covered by the student health insurance for that term. If you were covered by Reed health insurance in the fall and take a medical leave of absence the following spring semester, you have the option to purchase Reed health insurance coverage for spring if a medical provider certifies the necessity of the medical leave and you do so before the end of January.

If you waive the college’s coverage, and subsequently lose your private insurance coverage, you are required to immediately enroll in health insurance that is comparable to the college’s student health insurance plan. In these circumstances, you may choose to enroll in the college’s student health insurance plan. Please contact student accounts ( in the business office to rescind your waiver and enroll in a student health insurance plan.

MALS Students: Enrollment in the student health insurance plan is voluntary for MALS students, and you must enroll online with PacificSource. Enrollment must be completed each semester by the first day of classes.

Reed’s Benefits and Health Insurance Plans

2022-2023 Pacific Source plans will be effective beginning 8/15/22.
2021-2022 Pacific Source plans are effective until 8/14/22.

PacificSource identification cards are available online. To obtain your PacificSource ID card please go to the following website and select the "Student ID" under the "Identify Using" selection.

Reed College, in partnership with USI Northwest, has again selected PacificSource to be administrators of the student health insurance plan for the current school year. Please visit the PacificSource website for complete information on benefits, participating providers pharmacies. If you have questions regarding the coverage, please call PacificSource at 855-274-9814 or 541-225-2741 or Mike Pigou at USI NW at 503-417-9235.