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Printing at Reed for Students

Spring 2021 Update: Students in isolation have access to a USB printer. Students in quarantine do not have access to college printers, but can reach out to Print Services to make printing arrangements. Non-quarantined, non-isolated students can print to the ETC, the Library, the Student Union, and the Trillium classroom vestibule. Residence hall printers (except the Birchwoods and RCAs) have been disabled and/or removed for the time being to help protect the health of the community.

Faculty: check out our instructions for setting up an IP printer.

Printers for student use are maintained in the IRC, the Library and most residence halls. Students can both set up their own machines to print to Reed's printers and print from the various public computers on campus. Printing at Reed costs 8¢ a side for black and white and 35¢ a side for color. All freshmen, sophomores and juniors are given a $25 allotment for printing. Seniors are given $45. To view your bill, please visit Once your printing balance has reached zero, further printing charges will be automatically billed to you through the business office.

Detailed instructions for setting up printing on your personal machine

Please select your operating system:

Printing in the IRCs

Note: Public workstations (the IRCs) are currently closed. You can print from Reed's Virtual Computer Lab to a PDF on your computer, then print that document from your personal computer to an IRC, dorm, or Library printer by following the instructions above.

While using a computer in one of the IRC public computer labs, you can print easily from any application like MS Word or Preview. To send a print job, open the document and

  1. Click on File on the menu bar.
  2. Select Print... from the menu.
  3. In the drop-down menu next to Printer: select IRC Printers to print black and white and select IRC Color Printer to color print.
  4. Click on Print.
When printing to the black and white IRC printers, your print job will come out of one of the four printers just outside the labs.

Keep in mind that color printing can be slow, and that the print job will cost 35¢ per side if you print to IRC Color Printer whether you print in color or not. If you have a very large color print job, consider using the Print Shop or one of the color copiers in the library instead.

If you would like to print onto a transparency, please see the person working at the CUS Help Desk. They will provide you with everything you need to print your job.

If you need to scan a document or photo, a scanner is located in IRC 3. The scanner is also capable of performing OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on a document. Instructions for using the scanner are located here.

Printing in the Dorms

Printing in the dorms is easy, as long as you follow the detailed setup instructions.

Laser printers are available in most residence halls. See the list of dorm printer locations for more details. Each printer is scheduled for weekly maintenance, but if you find a printer not working properly, email CUS or call us at x7525 and we will get someone out there to fix it as soon as possible.

Printing using your mobile device

Go to this page and follow the instructions there to enable printing for iOS and Android phones.

View printing charges

To view your charges, log on to with your Reed username and password. Under Print Accounting on the left of the page, choose Recent Print Jobs or Transaction History (Recent Print Jobs will tell you more details). If you want to review older print jobs, click on remove next to Show filter [filter active:] near the top of the page.