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Thesis Printing

Printing Prices & Locations

Seniors are given a $45 allotment for printing. Once your printing balance has reached zero, further printing charges will be automatically billed to you through the business office.

The following are the per side prices for student printing around campus:


IRC, Library, other billed student printers

Print Shop (Eliot 132) Copiers
Black & White 4.5¢
Color 30¢ 40¢ 30¢


For printer locations, please visit our printer map webpage.

Printing Before Orals

Seniors no longer need to print copies of their theses to turn in to the Registrar. An electronic copy will be distributed to the members of the board. 

For more information, please see the library page outlining the thesis submission process.

Printing After Orals

Seniors will electronically submit the final version of their theses to the library. The library will coordinate and cover the cost of the printing and binding of the two library copies. If personal copies are desired, please contact Print Services: