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Installing and Using PaperCut Printers

Follow the instructions below to set up our Papercut print queues on your computer. Once the mobility print package is installed (macOS and Windows), you will be able to choose which of the campus printers you want to send it to.

If you are a student with a campus job that would permit you to charge your print jobs from other accounts, you must Install the updated Papercut Client in addition to the Installer.

macOS Mobility Print Setup Instructions

To install Student Printers for access on your Mac computer follow these instructions:

  1. Click here to get to the mobility print installer for your Mac computer
  2. Click on the file in your downloads folder
  3. Click the Installer within the download file. Screen-Shot-2021-08-18-at-3.48.44-PM.png
  4. Click through and agree to the license for the Student Printers Screen-Shot-2021-08-18-at-3.50.33-PM.png
  5. Select "Macintosh HD" as the location for your installer
  6. Enter your computer's password and then click "Install Software"
  7. If the installation was successful, you will receive this notification: IMG_7915.jpeg

With this installed, you will no longer have to release print jobs on Instead, when you go to the list, all available student printers will be accessible on the printing page:


The first time you print to a printer, you will see a prompt like the one below. The name field may be automatically filled with your computer username; however, this is not the name you should use. Instead, use your IRIS/Kerberos username and password. If you click "Remember this password in my keychain", you will only need to provide this username and password once per printer.

Enter a name and password for the printer

If you accidentally enter the wrong username and/or password, you will most likely see a window like the one below. If you do, you can click the refresh icon to put in your name and password again.

Hold for Authentication

To Install Copiers, the Papercut Desktop Client will need to be installed from

macOS Copier Setup

If you want to print color or print envelopes to the Reed copiers, follow these instructions to manually install the copiers:

  1. Install the updated Papercut Client.
  2. Install the Xerox C8045 driver corresponding to your system version here (Hit continue if asked to add copier).
  3. Go to System Preference -> Printers & Scanners -> click the "+" button on the lower left -> go to the internet/globe tab to enter the following info:
    1. Address:
    2. Queue: put in the address of the printer (see the table below)
    3. Use: select Select Software -> search for C8045.

For example, if I want to install the copier in the bookstore, then my setup looks like this:


The queues are:

bookstore copier printers/bookstore_copier_printers_reed_edu
dojo copier printers/dojo_copier_printers_reed_edu_student
irc copier printers/irc_copier_printers_reed_edu
trillium copier


parc copier


Windows Mobility Print Setup Instruction

(ARM chips running Windows currently not supported by Mobility Print. Follow the instructions below to print to copier)

  1. Click this link to find the mobility print installer for your PC.
  2. Find the downloaded file on your machine, and run the installer.
  3. With this installed, you will no longer have to release print jobs on Instead, when you go to the list, all available student printers will be accessible on your printing pages.

Windows Copier Setup

The mobility print driver will not, by itself, allow printing to a copier.

  1. Install the updated Papercut Client.
  2. Install the Xerox C8045 driver corresponding to your system version here to get the latest version of the copier drivers (Hit continue if asked to add copier).
  3. Extract the drivers somewhere on your computer you can easily find later.
  4. Navigate to "Printers and Scanners" in settings and click "Add a printer or scanner".
  5. Let the printer search timing out and click "the printer I want isn't listed".
  6. In the dialog which pops up select "select a shared printer by name" and enter "" where COPIER_NAME is one of the copiers in the table below.
  7. Click "next" and in the dialog box click "Have a disk" and then browse to the location of the driver folder. Inside the driver folder select "UNIV_5.860.1.0_PS_x64_Driver.inf/x3UNIVP.inf" and click "open" followed by "ok". (Generic PS or PCL6 drivers packaged with Windows will also work).
  8. When given a choice of printers choose "Xerox Global Print Driver PS" and click "Ok", "Next", and "Finish".
  9. Restart your computer.
bookstore copier printers/bookstore_copier_win_printers_reed_edu
dojo copier printers/dojo_copier_win_printers_reed_edu_student
irc copier printers/irc_copier_win_printers_reed_edu
trillium copier printers/trillium_classroom_win_printers_reed_edu
parc copier printers/parc_copier_printers_reed_edu

Linux with CUPS Support


Currently, only copiers have been tested to work on Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS. First, we need the Papercut Client:

      1. Run the following command in terminal: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt install default-jre && sudo apt-get install libcanberra-gtl-module
      2. Download Papercut Client 22 for Linux from the Reed downloads page.
      3. Run via the terminal command sh ./
        1. This must be running every time you want to print.

Next, we need to set up the copiers. 

Go to Settings > Printers > Additional Printer Settings (at the bottom of this image).


In the Window that pops up, click "Add"


You now need to enter the copier URI. Select from the choices below.

bookstore copier ipp://
dojo copier ipp://
irc copier ipp://
trillium copier ipp://
parc copier ipp://



Now just hit "Forward", assign a name to the printer, and you're done! Just be sure the Papercut Client is running when you try to print.

Web Print

Papercut's Web Print function makes it easy to print PDFs without having to add the printers to your machine. If no other solution works for you use this, it is limited in choices and makes odd decisions about paper size sometimes (depends on the PDF).

    1. Log in to Papercut (
    2. On the sidebar to the left of the page, select "Web Print".
    3. Select "Submit a Job".
    4. Select the appropriate printer queue from the list.
    5. Enter how many copies you would like, then select "Upload Documents".
    6. Upload the desired PDF document, then select "Upload & Complete".

Releasing Your Print Job

With Mobility Print installed on macOS, Windows, and ChromeOS, you will no longer need to release your printing jobs from Instead, you will see a list of available student printers in your printing menu and your job will come right out of the printer. Linux users will still need to logon to to release their jobs
When printing, your computer will prompt for the username and password for the printer. Use your kerberos username and password for this.