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A Guide to Printer & Copier Support

Copiers vs. Printers

Most networked copiers and printers on campus are covered by the Reed CTX/Xerox contract for supplies and maintenance. While copiers and printers share similar features, there are some differences. At Reed, we refer to the big, free-standing Xerox units as "copiers." Smaller devices that sit on tables or desks, regardless of the brand, are considered "printers" (even if they have the ability to make copies).

Many shared printers and copiers at Reed have a designated point person, such as a department coordinator or associate, who assists with replacing toner, and submitting service requests to CTX or CUS as needed. Signs nearby should indicate who the correct person is.

All printers and copiers covered under the CTX/Xerox contract will have a CTX sticker on the front of the device. The "CTX ID" is what identifies the device to CTX and CUS.


Out of paper?

Paper is available through Print Services in Eliot 132.

Need replacement toner?

Toner can be shipped directly to you by submitting a supplies request at Follow the online prompts to find your device, and submit the request to have it shipped to you. 

You can also contact the Reed Computer Store at They keep stock on hand which may be helpful in a pinch! 

Toner Recycling

When toner is replaced, please drop off the used cartridge at the Computer Store in ETC 116. Or send a quick note to to have them pick it up. Together we can help keep toner cartridges out of the landfills!

Waste Container & Staples for Copiers

Most copiers (and some printers) have a removable unit called a "waste container" installed. This collects little bits of toner that get lost inside the copier/printer. The waste container may take several years to fill up, but when it does, copiers and printers stop functioning until it’s replaced.  We strongly encourage you to have a spare on hand. Copiers with a finishing unit may occasionally run out of staples, but you can easily request more.

Waste containers and staples can be requested at

Printer/copier not working?

For most issues, first try rebooting the device. We've found that many problems are resolved with a quick reboot. Instructions for rebooting copiers should be posted nearby (it's usually a multi-step process). For printers, find the power button (usually on the front or side) flip the switch to turn it off. Wait a few seconds, and flip the switch again to power it back on.

If rebooting doesn't work...

Maintenance Problem

If the machine is mechanically malfunctioning (e.g., jamming or making a loud noise), contact CTX directly at You will have the option to include details of the problem, and indicate the level of urgency.

Network Problem

If the device isn't reading swipe cards, or isn't letting people log in with their Reed credentials, contact the CUS Help Desk by emailing

Advanced functions/training

If you'd like to learn more about the device features or receive training, contact CTX at