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Two-Step Authentication FAQ

For an introduction to two-step authentication including why it has been adopted at Reed, please see this page.  For answers to frequently asked questions, see below.

What if I lose my phone or token?

Contact CUS immediately! We'll help secure your accounts, and get you back in business as quickly as possible.

What if I get a new phone?

Follow our instructions for enrolling a replacement phone.

What if I get a new phone number?

If you have another device still connected to your Duo account like a hardware token or your old phone, follow the steps for adding a new device to your account (above).

If you don't have any other devices connected to your account, contact CUS immediately!

I can't choose "remember me" on Safari

If Safari wont let you check "remember me," go to the Safari menu > Preferences > General > Privacy Tab. There, you will want to uncheck "Prevent cross-site tracking"


How do I add or remove devices to my Duo account?

Sign into any of Reed's services that require two-step auth, like email (open in a private browsing session if you set it to remember me for 30 days). Before completing the second step of authentication, click Settings in the upper right. From there you can add a new device or remove old ones from My Settings & Devices.

What methods of two-step are used at Reed?

After entering your username and password on services that require two-step, you will be prompted to enter a second form of authentication. There are a number of methods that can be used, including:

  • Confirm through the Duo app installed on your mobile device (cell phone or tablet), OR
  • Confirm with a single-use numerical code displayed on a hardware token provided by CIS, OR
  • Confirm via a phone call to your mobile device or landline

Visit our How Two-Step Works page to see Reed's recommended two-step methods in action.


Does two-step require wifi or cellular service?

Duo Push as a second step does require wifi or cellular service to send a push notification to your mobile device.

Passcodes generated in the Duo Mobile app or with a hardware token do not require any network connectivity. Really and truly, no network connectivity is required! Duo has a helpful article on this topic.

I don't have a cell phone or tablet. Am I out of luck?

Never fear - if you don't have a mobile device or do not wish to use yours, we've got you covered. Hardware tokens are available for you to use. Tap the token and a code is displayed. Type the code into your computer and you're on your way.

At any time, reach out to a CUS staff member to get your hands on your very own hardware token.


I keep generating passcodes and not using them. Is that okay?

If you generate ~20 passcodes but don't use any to authenticate, your hardware token or Duo app will get out of sync with the system. If this happens, contact CUS for assistance.



Can I use a cookie blocker or other privacy extension in my web browser?

You may experience difficulties if you are blocking third party sites from setting cookies, or have other tightly controlled privacy settings enabled on your browser. You will need to allow a cookie to be set by “” in order for the Remember me for 30 days feature to work.

If you're unsure whether your preferred browser is cause of the trouble, try using a different web browser to see if the issues persist.

Do you have travel recommendations that relate to two-step?

When traveling, it is a good idea to prepare by setting up multiple ways to two-step. For example, if you normally use the Duo app on a mobile device, you might visit CUS to also pick up a hardware token. Additionally, you could add the telephone number of where you will be staying. 

If all else fails, give Computer User Services a ring at 503-777-7525 and we will provide remote assistance.

When traveling abroad, it's important to note that Internet access in certain countries (China, Russia, and others) is restricted, and some Reed services (including Duo) may not work as expected. It is advisable to visit CUS in advance of your travels. We can give some guidance, and help you prepare for your travel.

Why is Duo not working in iOS?

If you see a gray box instead of the Duo prompt in iOS, check to see if content restrictions are enabled.

Have more questions about two-step that aren't answered here? Check out Duo's detailed online documentation. Have questions specific to Reed? Contact CUS and we'll help out!