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Students who plan to permanently depart from the College may do so by withdrawing. Withdrawals are typically processed before the start of a semester but a student may apply to withdrawal up until Week 10 of a semester. If you are considering withdrawing during a semester, please review our tuition refund policy.

Withdrawing is a big decision that can have academic, financial and personal implications. If you would like to speak with someone about your situation and options, please contact Student Life to schedule a meeting with a dean and review these alternatives to withdrawing. A dean in Student Life or your faculty adviser can talk to you more about these alternative options. You may also choose to consult medical or counseling staff at the HCC (if relevant), Financial Aid (if relevant), the Business Office, family, and other support resources to help you make a decision about whether withdrawing is the best option for your situation.

You are encouraged to continue to attend classes until you have made an official decision to withdraw to avoid falling behind on work if you do decide to remain enrolled for the semester.

To Withdraw

The Student Life Office coordinates the Withdrawal process in collaboration with several partnering offices. If you need assistance or have general questions about withdrawing, please contact Student Life.  Please feel free to set up a meeting with a Dean if you wish to discuss your situation or alternatives prior to requesting a withdrawal. 

To withdraw you must do the following:

  1. Review the Withdrawal FAQs
  2. Log into IRIS and select Request a Leave or Withdrawal
  3. Complete and submit the Withdrawal request form and feedback form or Schedule a meeting with a dean in Student Life
  4. International students must speak with International Student Services staff to discuss their visa program status, departure to their home country, and other considerations. Please contact ISS at to arrange an appointment
  5. Meet with your faculty adviser or notify them of your intention to withdraw
  6. Satisfy any requests from the Business Office and Financial Aid (see below)
  7. Move out of on-campus housing (if applicable)

After you submit the form, Student Life will be notified of your intentions to withdraw. You will have five business days to meet with and/or receive confirmation from the following offices and individuals:

Student Life. After submitting your request, please complete the feedback form about your withdrawal.  If you prefer to meet with a Dean, in addition to or instead of completing the feedback form, please schedule your meeting within the five business day period. Once your meeting with the Dean or your feedback form is completed, Student Life will endorse your request in IRIS and the other offices listed will be notified to review and endorse as well.

Your faculty adviser. See Questions to Ask Your Faculty Adviser about Withdrawing in preparation of the meeting. Following this meeting, your adviser will confirm your meeting in IRIS.

Residence Life (if applicable). If you live in on-campus, Residence Life will automatically be notified of your intentions to withdraw. Students currently living in on-campus housing will have five business days after submitting their withdrawal request form to move out of housing. Students are encouraged to make arrangements to move out of on-campus housing as soon as they make a decision to withdraw. Please visit Moving Out of On-Campus Housing for more information.

The Business Office. The Business Office may contact you to share information with you regarding your student account. The Business Office may request you meet with a representative before they can confirm your leave in IRIS. Please check your Reed email and respond to all requests.

Financial Aid (if applicable). If you are a recipient of financial aid, you will automatically receive information from Financial Aid about how withdrawing may affect your financial aid or loans. Financial Aid may request you meet with a representative before they confirm your withdrawal in IRIS. Please check your Reed email and respond to all requests.

If you do not have any unresolved issues with your student account, the Business Office and Financial Aid Office will confirm your request without you needing to take any additional actions.

When you have satisfied all the requirements above, and the offices have confirmed your withdrawal in IRIS, the Registrar’s Office will remove you from any classes you are registered for the current semester and/or future semesters. You will then receive confirmation that your withdrawal is official and in effect.

If you do not complete the steps outlined above within five business days, your withdrawal request will be canceled and you will remain enrolled. If you still intend to withdraw, you must contact the Student Life Office to re-initiate your request with a new initiation date. A changed initiation date may affect your tuition refund or money owed.


Students can withdraw before the semester at any time. We recommend students initiate their withdrawal and complete the required paperwork at least 3 weeks before the start of the semester to avoid any unnecessary billing or tuition charges.

If a student wants to initiate a withdrawal during the semester, they can do so any time before the last day of classes for the semester. See the academic calendar for specific dates.

On-Campus Housing

Students who live on campus at the time they withdraw will have their room and board contract cancelled. Students have five business days to move out of housing after submitting their withdrawal request form in IRIS. Students will incur additional room charges if they do not move out within five business days. Please review Moving Out of On-Campus Housing for more information.

Returning to Reed

To return to Reed after withdrawing, the former student will need to apply for readmission through the Registrar’s Office to return. Please visit Readmission for more information, deadlines and instructions.


Please review the Withdrawal FAQs to learn more about the regulations for withdrawing. You are also encouraged to contact Student Life or any of the offices below if you want to discuss your specific situation.

Contact information:

Student Life: 503-517-7396 • • Eliot 218
Business Office: 503-777-7505 • • Eliot 308
Registrar’s Office: 503-777-7793 • • Eliot 311
Financial Aid: 503-777-7223 • • Eliot 202
Residence Life: 503-777-7536 • • 28 West

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