Student Life Office

Resources for Parents and Families

Parent & Family Events

Visit the Parent and Family Hub for information about parent and family events, such as Parent and Family Weekend, Orientation, and Commencement!

Campus Presentations

Parent and Family Orientation 2022 videos can be viewed here, including the Supporting Your Student's Holistic Development panel.

Are You Concerned for Your Reedie?

If you are concerned for a student, please contact the Dean of Students’ Office. The Dean of Students’ Office provides consultation, resources, outreach, and coordination of information to address concerns for students in a sensitive and holistic manner. Visit Concerned for a Student? for more information on how we can help you and your student.

For emergencies and urgent concerns after hours, please contact Community Safety at 503-788-6666.

Student Life Departments

Student Life works collaboratively and directly with students to provide guidance and resources designed to optimize the quality of student life in and beyond the classroom. The departments within Student Life provide a wide range of programs and services intended to complement and enhance each student's academic experiences. Visit here to learn more about departments and services under Student Life.

Access to Student Information

Parents or family members who want to receive information about their student’s educational records can generally do so only if their student signs a release form. Visit Access to Student Information to learn more about Reed’s policies and practices regarding student information.


Parents and families are invited to contact the Dean of Students’ fffice/Student Life office for questions and consultation about Reed programs, services, and policies.

Student Life office/Dean of Students’ office
Location: Eliot Hall 218
Hours: Monday–Friday, 8:30 am–5 pm
Telephone: 503-517-7396