Students not on an official leave of absence who desire to return to Reed should contact the registrar's office for a readmission application. Please contact Martha Schlitt at or at 503-777-7296. She will send you the application along with detailed information about the readmission process.

Applications and accompanying materials should be filed no later than July 1 for the following fall semester, or no later than January 2 for spring semester readmission. Students applying for financial aid should file all required documents by the financial aid deadlines even if the readmission process has not yet been started. However, financial aid awards will not be given until the financial aid office has been notified of the the student's readmission. Readmission applications are reviewed by the dean of students and the Administration Committee for first-year students and sophomores, and by the dean of students, the department, and the Administration Committee for juniors and seniors.

In cases where the student withdrew while in academic difficulty or was denied registration, the college expects the student to show evidence of readiness to return to Reed and to successfully complete academic work. One way to demonstrate this readiness is to provide official transcripts of full-time transferable coursework with satisfactory grades from another institution. Other activities, particularly those related to the reasons for the academic difficulties, may also be considered as evidence of the student's readiness to return. Examples of such activities include participation in therapy, study skills training, or academically related internships. Those evaluating the application for readmission will want to know whether the conditions that led to the student's difficulty have changed sufficiently to ensure a satisfactory experience upon return. Any readmitted student who was denied registration or was on probation at the time of leaving will return on probation and be required to complete a progress plan.

Financial aid is available on the same basis for readmitted students as it is for returning students, provided applicants have financial need and apply by the appropriate deadline. However, their priority for receiving assistance will be somewhat lower. A $50 non-refundable commitment deposit, which will be applied toward tuition, is expected from those students who are offered and accept a financial aid award. Financial aid forms may also be obtained from the financial aid office.

(last modified: March 22, 2016)