Office of the Registrar

Readmission to Reed

Students who 1) withdrew from the college, 2) were denied registration, 3) failed to return from an approved leave of absence or 4) failed to maintain continuous enrollment must apply for readmission if they wish to return to Reed. Readmission applications are processed through the registrar’s office. Students who have already attended Reed do not have to apply through the admission office. 

Contact the registrar’s office if you have a question about your status with the college at or call 503-777-7296.


Readmission for next Fall: June 1

Readmission for next Spring: December 1

Students are encouraged to submit readmission materials the deadline in order to allow adequate time for juniors and seniors to receive departmental input, and to meet financial aid and Residence Life requirements.

Readmission materials

1. Application for readmission

The readmission application can be downloaded here. Students may submit this electronically to

2. Personal statement

The personal statement should address why you left Reed, what you have been doing while away, and why you are ready to return to Reed. A student who was denied registration should also address what led to their poor academic performance, what steps were taken to address those challenges. Students who were denied registration should also clarify how they have met any requirements for readmission that were stipulated in their letter of denial.

3. Official transcript(s)

Students must submit an official transcript directly from any institution attended while away. Grade reports are not sufficient for readmission. Transcripts can be sent on paper or electronically, but must be certified by the sending institution. If classes are in progress, the readmission process may be delayed until the official transcript is received.

4. Expired Medical Leave

Students whose medical leave has expired must meet any requirement for returning from medical leave as outlined in the medical leave process.  Students should begin that process with student life prior to applying for readmission. Contact student life by email at, or by telephone at 503-777-7521.

5. Letter of recommendation (optional)

Students may wish to submit a letter of support from faculty with whom they have worked and/or from an employer.  Submit a PDF on letterhead with the application form.

6. Notification

Readmission decisions are made 4 to 6 weeks after receipt of the completed application. Contact the Associate Registrar, Martha Schlitt if you have further questions about readmission.