Student Life Office

The Student Life Office

The Student Life Office oversees the division of Student Life and provides support to students, faculty, staff, families and community members.

Our central purpose is to help students access campus and support resources, particularly during difficult situations. We work with students and relevant campus partners to address challenges and problems, and help advance ideas for positive change on campus.

The Student Life Office serves as a resource for Reed students and community members through:

  • referrals to academic support and health services
  • guidance on campus policies
  • assistance with institutional wayfinding
  • coordination of leaves and withdrawals
  • intake and response to student concerns  
  • dean’s certification and other requests for information

The staff in the Student Life Office possess an effective understanding of College policies, procedures, and community life and work with students, staff, faculty and families to address conflicts, eliminate barriers to success, and connect with campus and community resources. 

To check out our past year in Student Life: (pdf) 2021-2022 Annual Report

Previous Annual Report: 2020-21 Annual Report

Reed College 2023 Survey of Students

 Thank you students for your responses!  The survey has closed (April 16th).  Some preliminary responses from the survey:

  • 90% of students report having asked for advice from a professor after class, either frequently or occasionally.
  • 76% of the students reported that they’ve talked about their career plans with faculty, either frequently or occasionally.
  • Though only 14% of students reported frequently having difficulty getting the courses they need, 49% reported occasionally having difficulty.

Are you concerned for a student?

The Student Life Office provides consultation, resources and outreach in partnership with offices across the division of Student Life and the college to address concerns for students in a sensitive and compassionate manner. Please visit Concerned for a Student? for more information.


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