Student Life Office

Requests for Dean’s Certification Forms and Disciplinary Information

Graduate and professional schools, state bar associations, government agencies or employers may require a Dean’s Certification or other release form as part of their application for admission or employment. These forms are typically used to determine if the applicant has any standing academic or disciplinary actions or sanctions on their College record. Typically these institutions or agencies provide you with a release form for you to fill out as part of your application.

Requests for information should be sent first to the Registrar’s Office and should include the following:

  1. A list of schools and addresses to whom the form should be sent
  2. Clear information regarding any particular deadlines involved
  3. Signed release form for information to be shared

The Registrar’s Office will work with the Student Life Office to complete the form. Additionally, the Registrar’s Office can provide assistance regarding transcript requests.

If you have questions about your disciplinary record and what information may be shared, please contact Assistant Dean for Student Rights and Responsibilities Cameron Tanner via email ( or phone (503-517-7396).  

Once the form is complete, it will typically be sent to the requesting institution or agency from the Registrar’s Office and will include a document regarding the college guidelines for reporting disciplinary matters, as well as transcript information if requested. The original form or request is filed and logged in the Registrar’s Office. If disciplinary information is included, a copy will also be kept in the Student Life Office for seven years after the student has separated from the college.