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Supported Operating Systems

Note:  macOS Ventura (13) is Apple's operating system that is generally recommended for everyone at Reed. Visit our macOS upgrade page for guidance on upgrading.

Computer User Services supports modern operating systems of many flavors. Though Macs permeate our campus, we provide support for Windows computers and Linux systems as well. Basic support is provided for iOS, iPadOS and Android-based mobile devices.

Supported Versions of Apple macOS

Apple generally provides security updates for the most current OS, plus the previous two. This includes Ventura (13), and Monterey (12). CUS regularly reaches out to individuals with Reed computers running unsupported operating systems, to provide assistance in upgrading to a supported version.

For more information on the latest Apple macOS, please refer to the Apple macOS support pages, or ask at the help desk. The following page provides instruction to upgrade macOS. How to tell what OS you're running? Go to the Apple menu > About This Mac

Supported Versions of Microsoft Windows

Microsoft provides security updates for Windows 10 and 11, listing support lifecycles on a public webpage. We encourage all students to use supported versions of Windows. For faculty and staff running Windows, CUS deploys and supports Windows 10 and 11.

For more information on Windows please refer to the Microsoft support pages here or ask at the help desk!

Automatic Updates


One key to a safe and secure computing environment is keeping your operating system up to date. In supported versions of macOS, you can open System Preferences and click Software Update to make sure your OS is fully patched. It is wise to check the box to "Automatically keep my Mac up to date".



On Windows 10, search your system for "Windows Update", and verify that updates are set to be automatically downloaded and installed.

Windows Update Screen

On Windows systems in particular, it is also important to have good, automatically updating anti-virus system running at all times. For more information, as well as suggestions, please refer to our computing safety page here.

All college-owned macOS and Windows computers are deployed with automatic updates enabled.

Upgrade vs. Update

This terminology can be confusing. At Reed, upgrade and update are defined in the following way.

Upgrading your operating system is a "major version" jump. Moving from Windows 8.1 to 10, or macOS Monterey (12) to macOS Ventura (13) would be an operating system upgrade.  Your system is likely to look and feel different after an OS upgrade. When it is confirmed to be compatible with Reed's environment, Reed provides guidance on upgrading to the latest version of macOS.

To update your system is to download and apply patches or fixes to the current major OS version, in order to close vulnerabilities or improve system performance. For example, Windows 10 security updates are important to maintain. A system update to macOS Big Sur might take you from 11.6.3 to 11.6.4. Sometimes this update is not obvious in the Software Update window, but is hidden under "Other updates are available," "More Info..."


Management of Reed Owned Computers

Computer User Services manages some software and settings on Reed owned computers. Please visit our Managed Software page for details.