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TriMet Honored Citizen Bus Passes

Current Reed students, faculty, and staff who qualify for and register for an Honored Citizen bus pass (Hop Card) can have the $28 monthly pass fully subsidized by Reed. The personalized Hop card lets you ride busses, MAX, WES, Portland Streetcar and C-TRAN. Learn more about the honored citizen hop card here.

Who qualifies for a low-income honored citizen pass?

To qualify, you must:

  • Be between 18 and 64 years old
  • Be an Oregon resident (students can use proof of their local address or residence hall)
  • Have a qualifying income:

Qualifying Income

Household Size Maximum Monthly Income Household Size Maximum Annual Income
1 $2,126.67 1 $25,520
2 $2,873.33 2 $34,480
3 $3,620 3 $43,440
4 $4,366.67 4 $52,400
5 $5,113.33 5 $61,360
6 $5,860 6 $70,320
7 $6,606.67 7 $79,280
8 $7,353.33 8 $88,240

You automatically qualify if you are enrolled in one of the following programs: Oregon Health Plan (OHP), SNAP, Energy Assistance (LIHEAP, OEAP, WAP), Free/Reduced Lunch, HUD Assistance, TANF, or Employment Daycare (ERDC).

You can also qualify for an honored citizen pass as a senior 65+, medicare beneficiary, or with a physical or mental disability. More about this can be found on the TriMet website.

If you don’t qualify - Reed subsidizes half the cost of monthly adult passes. Passes may be purchased with a valid Reed ID at the Cashier’s Window in Eliot Hall.

On-Campus Enrollment Dates:

Trimet will periodically come to campus to enroll students in the honored citizen pass program. Check back here for upcoming dates.

What is the process?

  1. Gather documents to apply:
    1. Any government-issued ID
    2. Proof of Income
      1. Paystubs for the last 30 days (if you get a paycheck)
      2. Unemployment pay stub or benefit letter
      3. L & I statement (if you receive workers' compensation)
      4. Employment Wage Verification
      5. A copy of your most recent tax return
    3. If the address on your government-issued ID is not an Oregon address, proof of residence:
      1. Piece of mail, utility bill, or rental/lease agreement that has your name and current Oregon address, and is current (within last 30 days)
      2. If you live on campus, a copy of your housing contract (this was emailed to your email address. If you cannot locate it, you can email to request proof of residence.)
  2. Apply for your honored citizen pass online or in-person.
    1. You can apply for your pass online or at any of the Portland sites listed on this page
    2. Pick up your Hop Card from the Trimet Pioneer Square Ticket Office. Bring your receipt from your application with you.
    3. The 10, 19 busses or the Max Orange line can take you from Reed to this office.
  3. Bring to Reed Cashier’s Window Once you have received your Hop card, bring it to the Reed Cashier’s Window by the 10th of each month to load your monthly bus pass at no cost to you. After the 10th of the month, monthly passes can no longer be loaded.

Your card is good for two years, after which you’ll need to re-apply following the steps above. Replacement cards cost $3 and must be obtained at the Trimet Pioneer Square Ticket Office.

Need help with the application process? Contact Sheila Johnson, Business Office Cashier:

Sheila Johnson

503-517-7443 | 

Eliot 308 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m Monday–Friday