Information Technology

Affiliate Requests

Affiliates are people who need access to campus resources but are not faculty, staff, or students. Common examples include independent contractors, people who work for Bon Appetit, electrical or construction workers, unpaid interns, Visiting Scholars appointed by the Dean of Faculty, and some guests. 

Common services an Affiliate might need include Reed email or card-swipe door access. In addition, when there is a campus emergency, such as a weather event or pandemic, we need to know who may be on campus so that they are included in communications. (Note: Bon Appetit workers, Visiting Scholars, and Music Instructors are automatically included in the Reed Community mailing list for general communication.)

Submit a Request

An Affiliate status may be requested via the New/Updated Computing Request form. This form can also be used to request future access changes if needed.

Form Instructions

  • Be sure to select “Affiliate” as the status.
  • For the Supervisor’s Reed ID, put the Reed ID of the person responsible for the Affiliate appointment. This is the person who will be contacted in the future to verify their continued status. 
  • The Administrative Coordinator Reed ID can be used for a secondary contact. 
  • Type: Some of the categories are pretty obvious. Use the 'other' category if you are not sure.
  • End date is required. If you aren’t sure, put it a year out and you will be contacted before they expire to see if the appointment should be extended.
  • Additional Requests: Please indicate exactly what kind of access is needed (i.e., Reed email, swipe access to a particular space, etc.)


Prior to an affiliate departure, please complete Employee Departure Computing & Telephone Instructions. This will help make sure that any access they have is removed or equipment they have borrowed is returned.