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Purchasing Card (P-Card Program)

The purpose of the Purchasing Card Program is to streamline and simplify the purchasing and payment process.

Upon request, Visa Purchasing Cards (P-Cards) are issued to staff and faculty who make frequent purchases or travel and entertain regularly.  The P-Card can be used anywhere that accepts VISA, but is restricted to specific merchant types depending on your department.  If you have questions about the P-Card or need assistance, call Irene Lyczko at 503-788-6633.

For more information, read the documents below and review the frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure when I pay for something with my P-Card?

Essentially, the process is the same as when using your personal credit card. You must always ask for a receipt for your records, particularly for phone, fax and mail orders.

Are there any restrictions associated with the use of my P-Card?

Yes,  in  addition  to  Reed  College’s  policy  stating  the  type  of  products  you  can  buy, other controls and limits may be placed on your card including:

  • A monthly dollar limit
  • A “per transaction” dollar limit
  • “Blocked” merchant categories

Please contact your P-Card administrator for your specific restrictions.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

It is extremely important to call Bank of America's Customer Service toll-free number (1-888-449-2273) immediately in  the  event  your card  is  lost  or  stolen. You  must  also notify the P-Card administrator.

P-Card Policy and Forms