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Career Advancement Fund 2021-22

Reed College has updated guidance for college-funded travel, which is now permissible. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued global COVID-19 travel recommendations by destination. You are responsible for reviewing the current international and domestic travel restrictions before considering travel.

Students may apply to receive funding of up to $500 per school year in support of a range of professional development pursuits, including:

  • Travel to internships, shadow opportunities, or professional interviews for full-time employment
  • Career-related conferences, training, and related events
    • Conferences/events must have a career-related component with a clearly established connection between the event and your professional goals
    • The subsidy can be used to cover travel expenses, registration expenses, or relevant membership dues
  • Travel to graduate/professional school interviews
  • Purchase of professional attire for a specific career related event (interview, etc). Please note, clothing budgets are typically capped at $200
  • Standardized test registration or test prep fees for GRE, LSAT or MCAT*
  • Graduate or professional school applications*
  • Other categories of expense may be eligible, as determined by the review committee on a case-by-case basis
  • Please note: you may not use the CAF to pay for the cost of courses taken elsewhere to satisfy Reed graduation or distribution requirements

* Applicants requesting funding for graduate/professional school applications and or standardized tests must first investigate eligibility for a fee waiver/reduction

Expenses generally will not be reimbursed after the fact.

LEAF (Legal Education Access Fund)

The Reed Legal Network of alumni have established a small fund to help students with LSAT and LSAC related costs, law school application fees, and travel to law school interviews. If you apply to the CAF for any of these expenses, you may be funded by the LEAF instead. Please email with any questions.

Application Deadline

The 2021-22 CAF application will close on Sunday August 21st, 2022 at 11:59pm PDT, or when funds are exhausted.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and must be received in Handshake by Sunday night at midnight for the application to be considered at the next CAF committee meeting (that Monday or Tuesday). Funding for awarded applications can sometimes be received by Friday that week, but sometimes not till the following Friday, so please plan ahead.


Currently enrolled Reed students, including seniors during the summer after graduation, are eligible to apply.  


Applicants may receive a total of $500 from the Career Advancement Fund per academic year. You may apply more than once if you have not yet reached the $500 limit.

Funding requests will be reviewed and, if approved, may be fully or partially fulfilled depending on the applicant’s financial need, strength of application materials, and availability of funds.

All approved funding requests will be paid in advance through the Reed College Business Office as a cash advance. Receipts are required, and unused funds must by returned.

Expenses generally will not be reimbursed after the fact.

Application Process and Materials

The Career Advancement Fund is a grant application in which you must specifically address the prompts provided. The more clearly you explain how this funding will support your future career pursuits, the better. Please provide context for your request, bearing in mind that the readers may not know your financial circumstances or how your request fits in to your larger career goals.

Apply via Career Advancement Fund in Handshake including:
  • Responses to two short essay prompts (250 words max for each response) Be thorough and detailed in the words allotted; we need a thoughtful response to both questions in order to consider your request.
    • Prompt one: how will this funding help you achieve your professional goals? Please be explicit about how this activity is related to career exploration or development
    • Prompt two: Describe your financial circumstances, particularly as related to the resources available to fund the activity for which you are requesting Career Advancement Funds. Within this response, please indicate whether you receive financial aid from the college.
  • An itemized budget detailing how you will spend the funds and any relevant documentation supporting the request. Be sure to include a total in your budget request, and indicate how any expenses in excess of your CAF request will be covered. Combine the budget with the document containing your responses to the prompts.
  • A one-page resume or CV

We strongly recommend that you have your resume and application reviewed before you submit (see the right-hand sidebar of the CLBR website for Drop-In and Express Advising hours and locations).

Budget Guidance

  • If requesting a meal allowance while traveling, CLBR recommends a maximum of $30 per day
  • If your request includes travel, please include a budget line for transportation, which may cover commuting costs, airport transfer, and plane/train/bus tickets
  • Use of public transportation rather than taxis or rideshare services is highly recommended

Applications accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis while funds last, throughout the year. Applications to request funding for travel within the United States must be submitted a minimum of three weeks prior to the intended date of travel. Incomplete applications may be returned to the applicant with a request to resubmit.

Thank You Note and Receipts

Refer to the CAF Terms and Conditions google form that you signed for full details. You should have received a copy of that form and your responses by email. All receipts should be sent directly to the business office at The thank you note should be sent to CLBR at