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Medical School


Note: Reed does not provide a committee letter. Letters of evaluation from individual faculty members are submitted as part of your AMCAS application. Please contact your pre-med adviser to send a Grades at Reed flyer directly to your schools.

Pre-Health Faculty Advisers

Marwa Al Khamees is the Pre-health advisor for the Center for Life Beyond Reed. To schedule an appointment with her, please use Handshake

GPA Calculator

The American Medical College Application Service® (AMCAS®) will report your GPA to designated medical schools in three categories: cumulative GPA, Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Math (BCPM) GPA, and Other Academics (OA) GPA. To get an idea of what your GPA may look like for these categories, you may calculate it based on your grades through the following GPA calculator 

Medicine and Healthcare Fields to Explore

Since many Reedies have a deep interest in research, applicants each year consider MD/PhD dual degree programs, which may also be known as Medical Scientist Training Programs (MSTPs). For information on MD/PhD and how to determine if you'd be a good fit, please visit this page through the American Association for Medical Colleges (AAMC). For a list of current MD/PhD programs, see this page.

Healthcare fields don't only mean pre-med; explore a list of healthcare fields that will show you the breadth of what pre-med can mean for you. 

Planner and Timeline

Download the medical school planner to help keep your process on track.

Preparation for Medical School

From start to finish, get a bird's eye view of the Medical School entrance process.

Required Admission Tests

Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

AAMC PREview® Professional Readiness Exam

The PREview® professional readiness exam was developed and is administered by the AAMC. It is a standardized exam designed to assess examinees’ understanding of effective pre-professional behavior across eight core competencies for entering medical school. The number of schools requiring the PREview® exam continues to grow each year, so we highly recommend that students set aside time to think about and prepare to take this exam. For more information on the PREview® exam and how to prepare, visit the AAMC PREview® page.

PreMed/PreHealth Google Group

To subscribe to premed/prehealth group, visit our Google Group, where you can find discussions, announcements, and information relevant to internships, jobs, deadlines, etc.

Please note you must log in to your Reed email to be able to join and access the group. Otherwise, you will receive an error message

Internships and Volunteer Opportunities

Medical schools greatly value involvement and extracurriculars, and the experiences are weighted heavily during the admission process. For more information on med school extracurriculars, please check the following guide on med school extracurriculars.

Some opportunities that you may consider engaging in: