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Communities of Purpose

We believe that successful careers start by identifying work that aligns with your values and passions. CLBR offers a unique advising model that encourages students to begin their career pathing by first identifying their Community of Purpose. 

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Each Community of Purpose is assigned to an advisor with in-depth knowledge of that community to ensure a well-rounded advising experience for each student. Advisors are available for guidance on career pathing, job applications, fellowships, professional school, and more!

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Healthcare & the Cure of Illness

Purposeful exploration of challenges and opportunities facing humans’ dis-ease and disease: mental health, physical health, chronic illness, pediatric care, acute care, addictive behaviors, geriatric health, self-regulation, nutrition, healer, doctor, lactation consultant, medical technology, healthcare policies, health education, health consulting, midwifery, spiritual calling, applied tech in artificial limbs and valves, pharmacology, alternative medicine… there are many ways to express yourself and your purpose in life.

Research & Innovation

Finding new ways forward in research as well as applied design, pushing the boundaries of what is known, inventing what the world has not seen and needs: scientific research, cell tissue policy, lab management, nuclear reactor operation, paleontology, planetary science, lab tech… there are many ways to express yourself and your purpose in life.

Sustainable Life on Earth

Having global impact: alternative energy (solar, biofuel, wind), waste management, green technologies, battery science, desalinization, water rights, food access, growth boundaries, conversation, recycling, upcycling, air quality monitoring, green education, food access, environmental science, native habitat restoration… there are many ways to express yourself and your purpose in life.

Entrepreneurship & Business Strategy

The diversity among professional interests and ideas drives our business leaders to continuously create new ventures and innovations. Through a deep analysis of local and global markets, companies are constantly being built to meet the needs of the consumer. By understanding one’s purpose, students are able to explore what strengths they have and apply them when searching for an appropriate and befitting occupation within these business structures. These unique professions have allowed many of our own Reedies to engage in these markets to not only create value for the consumer but impact the world through meaningful work in the Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy community.

Globalization & Diplomacy

Exploring issues that connect and divide us across real and drawn boundaries: international commerce, NGO, licensing, global policy, agriculture, global warming, mapping, geography, geopolitics, international educational exchange, population relocation standards, transporting goods across international lines, cellular technology, currency exchange, language exchange, resource negotiation, anti-war communication, international disaster and war relief, diplomatic corps, CIA, embassy personnel... there are many ways to express yourself and your purpose in life.

Investing & Financial Responsibility

Problem solving with fiscal responsibility: socially responsible investing, public finance, supporting ethical marketplaces, taxation, commercial banking, corporate finance, budget forecasting, big data, fundraising for nonprofit institutions, economic policy, asset management, financial consulting... there are many ways to express yourself and your purpose in life.

Arts & Expression

Exploring the world of creativity and words: design, performance, gastronomy, music history, fine arts, public art, sculpture, photographic records, intellectual rights, typeface, fonts, printing methods, art preservation, cultural institution management, editing, art curation, journalism, media, game design, publishing, comedy... there are many ways to express yourself and your purpose in life.

Citizenship & Community Living

Solving the issues in a crowded world where we respectfully live and play together: housing, crime, transportation, safety, homelessness, architecture, crowding, consumerism, gardens and parks, community recreation, architectural preservation, preservation of language and culture, law and legal systems, public service, public policy, public health, community governance, human rights and understanding, poverty, LBGQT, voter and worker rights, human trafficking, disability laws and regulation, feeding others… there are many ways to express yourself and your purpose in life.

Education & Human Potential

Finding purpose and joy in shaping others’ futures: coaching, counseling, kinesiology, performance factors, training, teaching, adult literacy, reading, research research and policy, human capital consulting, talent acquisition, human resources, adaptive technology, educational policy, survival, universal pre-K advocacy, K-12 education, higher education, Montessori and alternative education theory, play... there are many ways to express yourself and your purpose in life.

Tech & Builders

Bits and bytes and nails and hammers: technology. The science of craft influences perspectives and decisions across a remarkable spectrum of our lives, often making life easier, just as often more complex. Opportunities in the space are vast and bounded only by one's skill and imagination. This community embraces all types of engineers (mechanical, architectural, civil) and UI/UX, programmers, web developers, software designers, programmers, tech-driven applications in all fields.