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The diversity among professional interests and ideas drives our business leaders to continuously create new ventures and innovations. Through a deep analysis of local and global markets, companies are constantly being built to meet the needs of the consumer. By understanding one’s purpose, students are able to explore what strengths they have and apply them when searching for an appropriate and befitting occupation within these business structures. These unique professions have allowed many of our own Reedies to engage in these markets to not only create value for the consumer but impact the world through meaningful work in the Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy community.

Explore Your Purpose

There are various ways to get to know your community of purpose. Learn more about what your next step could be in Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy!

Fellowships and Awards

  • Financial Services Fellowship

Get Involved at Reed

  • Student Organization
  • Campus Jobs (may or may not be currently open)
    • Phonathon - Reed
    • Office Assistant
    • Marketing/Social Media Athletics and Outdoor Programs
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  • Experts
Explore Off Campus
  • Financial Beginnings
  • ProsperityME
  • Entrepreneurs' Organization
  • Young Entr. Business Week
  • SBDC - Portland Community College
  • Oregon Entreprenuers Network
  • Know Your City
  • City Club 

Where do Reedies go?

Your education at has prepared you for many opportunities, take a look at what other Reedies within your community of purpose have gone on to do with their degree!

Entry Level Roles

  • Technical Project Manager, Epiq Systems
  • Manager, Hapa PDX
  • Automotive Tech & Marketing Coordinator, Lit Motors
  • Email Marketing Coordinator, Rising Tide Interactive
  • Research and Fundraising Assistant, Fomento Cultural Banamex
  • Office Manager, The Morris Hospitality
  • Alumni Volunteer and Engagement Coordinator, Reed College
  • PR Associate, BlueFocus Communication Group
  • Office Manager, Tilde, Open Source Technology
  • Marketing Specialist, Adpearance
  • Reactor Operations Manager, Reed College
  • Personal Assistant and Property Manager, Private Sector
  • Digital Advertising & Marketing Specialist, Adpearance
  • Project Coordinator, Alta Planning + Design
  • Business Development Intern, Audigy Group
  • Office Administration & Support Analyst, The Tao of Tea
  • Television Researcher, Los Angeles, CA
  • Social Media/Design Assistant, Wallow and Root Farm
  • Marketing and Communications, Switchboard (Weathergram, Inc.)
  • Program Coordinator, Portland Housing Bureau
  • Client Administrator, Patron Technology
  • Junior Project Manager, Public Affairs, Reed College
  • Marketing Specialist, New York Public Radio
  • Associate, Prudential Insurance Company of America
  • Consultant, GemSeek Consulting
  • Analyst, Analysis Group, Consulting
  • Organizational Behavior Group Data Programmer Intern, Yale School of Management
  • Research Intern, The Cadmus Group, Inc.
  • Realtor, Keller Williams Realty
  • Operations Associate, Everday FarmStand
  • Co-Founder, Goshipages
  • Research Analyst for Industrial Economics, Inc. in Boston
  • Research Associate, NERA Economic Consulting
  • The Estee Lauder Companies, Presidential Associate
  • Digital Advertising Specialist, Adpearance
  • Chemicals Marketing Coordinator, TCI - Tokyo Chemical Industry
  • Secretary, Manly and Sons
  • Analyst, Zenith
  • Property Manager, Coyote Woods
  • Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, The Marketing Zen Group
  • Account Executive, International Sports Management
  • Research Assistant, University of Chicago - Harris School of Public Policy; Booth School of Business Education
  • Digital Marketing & Communication, Kaleyra

Grad School Destinations

  • ITU Copenhagen
  • MS, University of Auckland Department of Mathematics, Auckland, New Zealand
  • PhD, Economics, Yale University, New Haven, CT
  • PhD, Mathematics, UCLA
  • Ph.D, Mathematics, UC Berkeley
  • Mathematics, Purdue University
  • Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • PhD in Math at Cornell
  • Econ PhD, Harvard
  • PhD, Mathematics, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Economics, U of Pittsburgh
  • MA in International and Development Economics, Yale University
  • MBA Cornell University

Alumni are or have been...

  • VP Marketing, Lightspeed Systems
  • Senior Account Executive, Merit
  • Senior Interface Developer, Razorfish
  • Director of Project Management, Team One & Saatchi and Saatchi
  • Senior Brand Strategist, Goodby Silverstein and Partners
  • Senior Account Executive, Consultant, The Busby Group
  • Freelance PR Strategist and Writer
  • Event Marketing Lead, Vacasa
  • CEO, Pangaea Digital Inc.
  • Principal Business Solutions Strategist, ID Branding
  • Senior Data Analyst, IHeartMedia
  • Senior Marketing Associate, AlhpaSimplex Group
  • International Programs Coordinator, Peridance Capezio Center

Resources and Information

Joining an assosication, reaching out to Reed alumni, and reviewing databases are great ways to develop a network within your community of purpose. 

Association and Databases

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