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Sustainable Life on Earth 

Reed alumni are caring for the Earth, giving back what is taken in the practice of commerce, incubating ideas that create better ways to produce, process, approach a myriad of products and affects. Healing that which is set awry by inattention or intent, defines the work of the community whose purpose lies in Sustainable Life on Earth community.

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There are various ways to get to know your community of purpose. Learn more about what your next step could be in Sustainable Life on Earth!

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Where do Reedies Go?

Your education at has prepared you for many opportunities, take a look at what other Reedies within your community of purpose have gone on to do with their degree!

Entry-Level Roles

  • Youth and Development, Peace Corps, Thailand
  • Resource Development Member, AmeriCorps VISTA serving at Habitat for Humanity of Oregon
  • Engagement organizer, Oregon League of Conservation Voters, Portland, OR
  • Support Staff, Portland Parks and Recreation, Mt. Scott Community Center in Portland, OR
  • Research Scientist, University of Washington Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Seattle, WA
  • Social Media Assistant, LifeEdited, Green Architecture and Development, New York, NY
  • Route Setter, Push Rock Climbing, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
  • After School Program Staff, Portland Parks and Recreation, Sellwood Community Center
  • Jr. Policy Analyst, Public Power Council, Portland, OR
  • SOIL Program Manager, Port au Prince, Haiti
  • Laboratory Manager and Administrator at Clear Blue Environmental
  • Campaign Outreach, Environment Oregon, Portland, Oregon
  • Research Intern, Oregon Environmental Council, Portland, OR
  • Organizer in Training Intern, OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon, Portland, OR
  • Marketing of Sustainable Manufacturing of Textiles, Norlha, Tibet
  • SoupCycler at SoupCycle, sustainable food service and delivery

Grad School Destinations

  • MS in Environmental Water Resources Engineering (EWRE) at Tufts University School of Engineering
  • European Spatial Planning, Environmental Policies, and Regional Development at Cardiff University
  • Masters, University of Pennsylvania, School of Design, Department of City and Regional Planning
  • MS in Tropical Conservation Biology & Env Science, University of Hawaii
  • MS Leadership for Sustainability Education program, Portland State University
  • Double MS, Spatial Planning and Social & Political Sciences of the Environment at Radboud

Alumni are or have been...

  • Business Sustainability Advisor, City of Portland
  • Scientist, Microbiome R&D
  • Energy Manager, VA Palo Alto Healthcare System
  • Environmental and Water Focused Litigation Attorney
  • Research Associate III, Forestry Department
  • Research Analyst, Drinking Water Services
  • Toxics Reduction Specialist, Metro
  • Admin Coordinator for Biology and Environmental Studies, Reed College
  • Certified Arborist and Horticulturist, Garden Designer
  • Staff Environmental Scientist, Department of Water Resources for the State of California
  • Environmental Engineer, Brown and Caldwell
  • Executive Director, Strategic Energy Innovations
  • Environmental Coordinator, Bonneville Power Administration
  • Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and English, University of Oregon

Resources & Information

Joining an association, reaching out to Reed alumni, and reviewing databases are great ways to develop a network within your community of purpose. 

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