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GIS (Geographical Information Systems) at Reed

What is GIS?

A geographical information system (GIS) is a computer-based combination of spatial data and other data, allowing analysis of spatial problems and potentially revealing patterns that are not obvious via the data alone.

For example, a GIS can help answer basic questions of site suitability (where is the best study area based on my criteria), look at data across space (is wealth equally distributed across Portland?), or more complicated questions (what is the best route to take, does proximity to a grocery store positively affect home resale value). 

GIS software options

There are a variety of GIS software packages used by researchers doing spatial work. The ArcGIS package from ESRI dominates the GIS market in general (academic, industry, NGO, etc). However, there are also a number of alternate packages and programs available, including open source software.

See other help pages for more information on either the ArcGIS suite from ESRI or other, alternative software (including some spatial visualization tools).

GIS support and more information

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions about GIS at Reed, please contact Kristin Bott, Instructional Technologist for Quantitative Applications.

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Links: Data and other resources

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