Student Life Office

Returning from a Leave of Absence

Checklist for Returning to Reed


  • Contact your faculty adviser for your SOLAR registration pin and register for classes.
  • Meet with your faculty adviser to discuss your return and plan for your first semester back at Reed.
  • Meet with a dean in Student Life to discuss your transition back to Reed, including academic and other support resources. You can schedule this meeting at any time as you plan your return.
  • If you plan to transfer credits from another institution to Reed, contact Ben Bradley in the Registrar’s Office (, 503-777-7295, Eliot 311).

Accounts and Considerations

  • Verify you and any responsible billing parties have access to the Student Account Center. See Your Online Student Account webpage for more information.
  • Financial Aid: see Apply for Financial Aid below.
  • Update your mailing and/or permanent address in IRIS, if changed.
  • Email the Bookstore at or call 503-777-7754 to reactivate your account.
  • Consult the Business Office or PacificSource directly if you have any questions about resuming your student health insurance.
  • If you wish to waive the student health insurance, complete the health insurance waiver in IRIS before the first day of classes.
  • Interested in on-campus housing? See Apply for On-campus Housing below.
  • If you misplaced your Reed ID card, visit Community Safety in 28 West for a new student ID card.


To return from a leave of absence, a student must register for classes for the upcoming semester. This will serve as the official notice to the college the student intends to return.

The Registrar's Office will contact students on a leave of absence before registration opens for the semester the student is expected to return. The Registrar’s Office will then provide registration instructions in early April for students returning for the following fall semester and in early November for students returning for the spring semester.

In the communication from the Registrar’s Office you will be informed of registration deadlines and who will serve as your faculty academic adviser. The email will also provide information about when the Schedule of Classes will be available. In order to register, you must contact your faculty adviser for your registration PIN. You can then register via SOLAR. Registration may be transmitted via email if you cannot access SOLAR. Emailed registrations should be sent to the Registrar's Office.

If you have a hold on your account, you will be unable to register until the issue is resolved. You can check the Holds tab in IRIS to see if you have any holds on your account.

If you plan to transfer credits from another institution to Reed, contact Ben Bradley in the Registrar’s Office (, 503-777-7295, Eliot 311). Having your transcript sent ahead of time will facilitate registration and your return from leave.

If you plan to return to Reed earlier than expected, please contact the Registrar’s Office as soon as possible to notify them you would like to return for the upcoming semester.

If you plan to extend your leave of absence or withdraw from the college, please contact the Student Life Office. You will need to speak with a dean, notify the Financial Aid and Business Office of your extension, and again complete the Leave of Absence paperwork.

Apply for Financial Aid

Reed students who have been granted a leave of absence may apply for financial assistance on the same basis as continuing students, with the same forms, supporting documents, and deadlines.

To be eligible for the greatest amount of institutional and federal financial aid, you must complete all financial aid application requirements by the April 15 deadline (May 1 at the latest) regardless of the semester you plan to return to Reed. The deadlines are the same for students returning for the spring semester of an academic year and require advance planning.  Please plan ahead. Please visit Applying for Financial Aid for more information.

You will not receive a financial aid decision until you are approved to return to Reed from your leave; however, as long as your financial aid application is complete by the May 1 deadline, you will be considered for financial aid once you are approved to return.

Apply for On-Campus Housing

If you would like to apply to live on-campus when you return to Reed please follow the instructions and timelines below, but please also review this webpage for up-to-date information.

If you plan to return for the fall semester:

  • Follow the instructions and deadlines for applying for the housing lottery as listed on the Residence Life Room Registration website
  • If you miss the housing lottery, you can contact Residence Life to sign up for the waitlist

If you plan to return for the spring semester:

  • Review the information on the Residence Life website for applying for Spring semester housing
  • Complete the Spring Housing application form or contact Residence Life directly following the instructions on the website linked above

Please note due to limited available spaces, housing is not guaranteed for returning students. If you do not receive a room on-campus, please review Off-Campus Housing for resources on finding off-campus housing in the Portland area.

Request or Update Accommodations

If you will be requesting disability-related classroom or housing accommodations upon your return, please visit the Disability and Accessibility Resources (DAR) website for important information regarding documentation and timelines. You are encouraged to contact DAR to confirm any classroom or other accommodations you had in place before you took your Leave are still current.

International Students

Contact International Student Services ( as soon as you know you would like to return to discuss renewing your program visa and other entry requirements.

On-campus Employment

If you are looking for an on-campus job, visit the student work office's guide to finding positions on-campus. Students returning in fall from a leave of absence are eligible to begin work starting July 1, and students returning in spring from a leave of absence are eligible to begin work the start of Paideia week in January. For questions about on-campus employment, contact the student work office at

Campus Life

Connect to student groups, campus committees and/or club sport teams you are interested in. Contact the following offices to learn more about opportunities to connect to campus social and co-curricular activities:

Student Engagement: 503-788-6692 or (Student Center)
Athletics, Fitness & Outdoor Programs: 503-517-7680 or (Sports Center)
SEEDS: 503-777-7563 or  (Student Center 114)