Residence Life at Reed

Division of Student Life

Returning Student Assignments

In order to expedite the process to secure housing for all students, Residence Life will make returning student housing assignments.

How are assignments made?

On-campus housing assignments will be made by Res Life staff (not self-selected by students) for the 2021-22 academic year. They will be based on students’ class year, accommodation status, and their preferences listed in their Room Registration application. Students who completed applications will be assigned randomly generated lottery numbers and assigned housing in that order based on availability in the neighborhoods. We anticipate it is likely that we will be able to provide housing to all students who complete a Room Registration application and will have a waitlist process for students who miss the sign-up period. 

In order to provide housing for as many students as possible, Res Life may reassign, change assignments, or assign a roommate to students who are assigned to rooms that are not at capacity.

Assignments will be emailed on April 30. At this time, students will be asked to log back into the portal to select a meal plan and sign a housing contract and COVID addendum in order to confirm their assignment.

What happens after I get my housing assignment? 

Housing assignments will be emailed on April 30. Students will then need to enter the Housing Portal again to sign a housing contract and COVID-19 addendum to confirm their housing. If a student does not sign their contract by May 14 they will be removed from academic year housing and will receive an email confirming their cancelled assignment.

If you do not receive a housing assignment for the type of room you were hoping for, you may add yourself to the waitlist while keeping your current assignment. More information is provided in the waitlist section below. 

The deadline to cancel housing contracts is June 1, 2021. If a student wishes to cancel their housing contract after June 1, they must submit a petition for approval

Waitlist Information

 Students may add themselves to the waitlist for the following reasons:

  • They do not have a housing assignment
  • Requesting a mutual roommate assignment
  • They have a housing assignment and would like to request a different room type

Res Life recognizes that individuals may have different comfort levels when it comes to COVID safety, so we are making an exception this year and will allow students to add themselves to the waitlist for a different type of room while maintaining their current housing assignment. For example, if a student is assigned to a divided double room with a roommate and they decide they would be more comfortable living alone, they may put themselves on a waitlist for a single room while maintaining their initial assignment. Students may only place themselves on a waitlist for a different type of room, not for a specific location.


Waitlist applications have to be submitted in order to be considered for a waitlist room. Rooms will be offered as they become available and we expect to be able to provide students with an update by mid-June. If we offer students a room that is within their preferences and they do not accept it or we do not hear back from them within the specified timeline, their name will be removed from the waitlist.