Student Life Office

Leaves and Withdrawals 

Reed’s leave of absence policies recognize that a student may need to take time away from the college for a variety of reasons. The leave options summarized below are designed to meet these varying needs, and to provide an opportunity for a student to discuss with a representative of the college possible implications for withdrawing or taking a leave of absence. If you are considering taking a leave during the semester, please review our tuition refund policy

Taking a leave from the college is a big decision that can have academic, financial and personal implications. Students who wish to explore other options to a leave of absence are encouraged to review Alternatives to Taking a Leave of Absence and consult with a dean in Student Life and their faculty adviser.

Please contact the Student Life Office if you have any questions about Reed's leave policies. Depending on your situation, you may also consult medical or counseling staff at the Health and Counseling Center, Financial Aid, the Business Office, family, and other support resources to help you make a decision about whether taking a leave of absence is the best option for you. 

Leave of Absence

A leave of absence is available for students who need to take time off from the College for a variety of reasons, such as a family emergency or decision to transfer. Leaves of absence are usually initiated before the start of a semester and can be granted for a maximum of two semesters at a time. The final deadline to take a leave during the semester is the deadline to withdraw from a semester course. Tuition, room and board refunds will be calculated on the college’s refund schedule. Students who would like to request a leave of absence should begin by contacting the Student Life Office. Visit Leave of Absence for more information.

Medical Leave of Absence

A medical leave of absence may be available for students who have medical or psychological conditions that severely limit their ability to perform their academic work. The deadline to initiate a medical leave of absence for the semester is the last day of classes. Medical leaves of absence may be in effect for a maximum of four consecutive semesters. Students who would like to request a medical leave of absence should begin by reviewing the Medical Leave of Absence FAQs. Medical leaves of absence are granted by the Dean of Students. Tuition, room and board refunds will be calculated on the College’s refund schedule. Visit Medical Leave of Absence for more information.

Emergency Absence

An emergency absence is not an official leave from the College; while on an approved emergency absence students are still considered enrolled. There are no refunds for time spent away from the college during an emergency absence. An emergency absence is appropriate for a brief absence from the College (no longer than two weeks). Students intending to take an emergency absence are not excused from any responsibilities for missed classes and coursework and should meet with their faculty as soon as possible to discuss the implications of taking an emergency absence in each class. Should a student need more time away from the college, they may apply for a leave of absence, or a medical leave of absence, whichever is more appropriate for their situation. Visit Emergency Absence for more information.


Students who plan to depart from the College permanently may do so by withdrawing. Students who would like to withdraw should contact the Student Life Office to initiate the process. Students who have withdrawn and desire to be readmitted must apply for readmission through the Registrar's Office. Tuition, room and board refunds will be calculated on the College’s refund schedule, found by checking in with the Business Office. Visit Withdrawal for more information.