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Tuition Refund Policy

Reed College Tuition Refund Policy

Students who take a leave of absence or officially withdraw through the Dean of Students’ Office (or through the MALS office for graduate students) may receive a refund of tuition and certain fees. No refund shall be made to students who have been suspended or dismissed from the college.

Failure to initiate and/or complete the institutional leave or withdrawal process will result in zero tuition refund. Visit the leaves and withdrawals web page for more information about the process.

The refund of tuition, room, and board is based on the effective date of the leave / withdrawal as determined by the college (see refund schedule below). The refund policy applies to all undergraduate and graduate students who withdraw, take a regular leave of absence, or take a medical leave of absence, whether or not they have federal Title IV financial aid.

  • The student body fee and, if applicable, the health and tuition insurances are non-refundable.
    • Student health insurance: If you attended at least 30 days of a semester and did not waive the health insurance, you will continue to be covered by the student health insurance for that term. If you were covered by Reed health insurance in the fall and take a medical leave of absence the following spring semester, you have the option to purchase Reed health insurance coverage for spring if a medical provider certifies the necessity of the medical leave and you do so before the end of January.
  • Unused board points may be refunded.
  • Credit balances under $10 will not be refunded.
  • Financial aid recipients earn their aid as the semester progresses. When a federal aid recipient takes a leave of absence or withdraws, a pro rata schedule is used to determine the federal aid funds the student has earned at the time of withdrawal.
  • Non-federal financial aid, including but not limited to Reed grants, state grants, private loans etc., will be refunded according to the refund schedule below.
  • Outside scholarships will be refunded according to instructions received from the issuing agency, if provided.
  • Students who do not earn any credits and do not take a leave of absence or withdraw, will have their Title IV aid re-calculated from the mid-point of the semester, or the last date of an academically related activity verified by Reed even though they would not qualify for a tuition refund.

No deviations from the refund schedule will be made except in cases of extreme hardship, of which the college shall be the sole judge.


The leave/withdrawal effective date determines the refund %.

Week Refund %
% Title IV Aid Earned*
1 90 1-7
2 80 8-14
3 65 15-21
4 50 22-28
5 35 29-35
6 25 36-42
7 15 43-47
8 10 48-54
9 0 55-100
10 0 100
11 0 100
12 0 100
13 0 100
14 0 100
15 0 100
*The full Federal Financial Aid Refund Policy can be found here.

Fall/spring break does not count as a week in the schedule above.