Student Life Office

Moving Out of On-Campus Housing

Students who live on campus and take a leave or withdraw during the semester generally have five business days to move out of the residence halls after submitting their paperwork to the Student Life Office. This is typically a firm timeline, but Residence Life is occasionally able to make exceptions for students with extenuating circumstances. If there is a reason you feel that moving out by the specified date will not work for you, please contact Residence Life as soon as possible to discuss other arrangements.

Your room and board refund is calculated based upon your move-out date, so if you end up leaving sooner than five business days, please let Residence Life know so your move-out date can be adjusted. If you have any questions about your student account or refund, please contact the Business Office and Financial Aid directly as they know the specifics of your financial circumstances.

Instructions for Moving Out

Please keep the following information in mind when vacating the residence halls:

  • Make sure your room is clean and your belongings are packed up and removed from the residence halls. Your HA will perform a room inventory after you leave and will charge you for any damages they find. Information about damage fines can be found here.

  • If there are items you wish to store on campus while you are away, please contact your Area Coordinator as soon as possible to schedule a time to access storage. Please review the storage website for important information about storing belongings on campus.

  • If you currently live in a double room, your roommate may have questions about what will happen with the vacant space in their room. Please recommend that they contact Residence Life directly if they have questions they would like to discuss.

  • You will need to return your room key to Physical Plant when you move out. Physical Plant is open Monday-Friday from 8:30am–5pm, but there is a drop slot to the right of the door if you are returning your key after business hours. Students will have a $50 fee charged to their student account for unreturned keys.

Please let your Area Coordinator know if you have any questions or require further information about the move-out process.

Returning to On-Campus Housing

If you plan to live on campus when you return to Reed, it is important to pay attention to timelines and fill out the appropriate forms.

  • If you will be returning for a Fall semester, you should plan on participating in Room Registration during the spring. Deadlines and information about the Room Registration process can be found here.

  • If you will be returning for a Spring semester, please follow the instructions for applying for Spring Semester Housing.

If you need to request housing accommodations due to a documented disability, please contact Disability and Accessibility Resources and follow the timeline and instructions found here.