Residence Life at Reed

Division of Student Life

Spring 2021 COVID Storage

Reed is unable to offer full storage for all students this semester. Current storage spaces are still full of student items left behind when we transitioned to online learning in March 2020. Students are required to remove all belongings from their room upon move-out, so we encourage students to start coming up with a plan as soon as possible. Some ideas include:

  • PODS and Smart Boxes have been popular options, as they will come to campus for easier access. PODS and Smart Box drop-off is permitted in the lot closest to 28 West and the Health & Counseling Center.
  • Students have also used the Reed switchboard to ask if off-campus students may have space for storing belongings or have stored their items with peers or other family members off campus.

Items left behind after move-out will be donated or disposed of. Students may be charged for additional cleaning and labor.

Storage for International and Low-SES Students

There is limited space available for students who call another country home or students who are experiencing financial hardship. If you identify with one of these groups, please indicate your interest in storage via this form. Please note that space is limited and completing the form does not guarantee a storage space.

Storage Alternatives 

Other Alternatives: If students or families wish to contract with another mobile storage provider this year, that will be allowed, but please email to let us know when your unit will be delivered to campus, and please arrange to have it delivered to the Grove Parking Lot (5380 SE 28th Ave., Portland, OR 97202). Units found in other parking lots will be towed to the Grove Lot at student/family expense. Please do not plan on having your unit sit on campus for more than 10 days, as that may attract unwanted attention, and units are not difficult to burglarize.

Future of Storage - Fall 2021

We recognize this may be inconvenient this year, but are happy to announce that starting in the 2021-22 academic year we will be partnering with an outside storage company which will be able to offer more options to students. More information about the process for next year will be shared before the start of Fall semester.

Updated March 16