Residence Life at Reed

Division of Student Life

Retrieving Previously Stored items from Storage 

Please reach out to to schedule a time to retrieve your items
  • Requests must be made at least 7 days in advance of when you wish to retrieve your items
  • Storage retrieval can take place between 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday
  • As a reminder, you are allowed one support person inside of the residence halls to help you move your items. You and your support person must wear a mask while inside the residence halls
  • Residence Life cannot help you move your things, and you must bring whatever you need to retrieve your belongings
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Store Items with Dorm Room Movers

Reed College has contracted with Dorm Room Movers (DRM) to provide a cost effective storage option for all students. The college is not involved with the registering or pick up/drop off process, but can assist in answering basic questions about Dorm Room Movers - email or with questions. 

Spring 2022 Pick Up: 

Dorm Room Movers will be on campus May 12 and May 17 to pick up items that you’d like stored. All storage guidelines, prices and what can and cannot be stored are listed on their website. Students must register themselves with Dorm Room Movers and select a pick up time, which can be done here. DRM will then mail the student boxes and packing supplies for their items - which the student must pack up themselves.  An insured DRM mover will meet students outside of their Residence Hall at their scheduled pick up time on May 12 and May 17 to collect the items being stored. 

Fall 2022 Drop Off: 

Dorm Room Movers will be on campus August 10 and 26 to drop items back off to students. Students must register a time to retrieve their items on August 10 or 26. A DRM truck will be located as central as possible on campus and students must meet the movers at the truck to collect their belongings. Residence Life will let students know where the truck will be located prior to move in day.

DRM Process

Storage for International and Low-SES Students

Reed College is happy to offer on campus and free storage for students who call another country home and/or qualify as Low SES with the Office of Financial Aid. Because of limited space, we are not able to offer on campus storage for students who fall outside of these demographics. Storage space is incredibly limited and given at a first come/first served basis. 

International and Low SES students can email Residence Life ( to set up an appointment to store their items. Items can be stored for up to one year and Res Life will attempt to contact students after one year to retreive any remaining items. 

Our storage guidelines and the contract can be found herePlease reach out to Res Life if you have any questions!