Student Accounts

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees for Academic Year, 2022–2023

Costs for the next academic year will be published by the following May.

Direct Education Expenses

These costs appear on the monthly billing statements issued by the business office; indirect costs are listed further below.

Full-Time Undergraduate Direct Costs

  Annual Per Semester
Tuition: $64,450 $32,225
Student Body Fee: 310 155
SUBTOTAL: 64,760 32,380
Dormitory Room: 8,290 4,145
Base Board Plan B: 7,300 3,650
SUBTOTAL: 15,590 7,795
TOTAL: $80,350 $40,175
 If living in a Reed College apartment, the Board Plan is optional and not required:
Reed College Apts-1 Bdrm: $10,690 $5,345
2-Bdrm/per bed: 9,250 4,625
Other meal plan options and costs:
Board Plan A: $7,660 $3,830
Board Plan C: 6,830 3,415
For more information on the following programs, please visit these links: student health insurance and tuition insurance.
Health Insurance*: $3,670


International Health Insurance*: 2,622 1,311
Tuition Insurance*: 434 217
*Students can waive health insurance and/or tuition insurance but must submit a waiver in IRIS prior to the first day of classes. 

Part Time Per Semester Tuition

Number of Units Regular MALS
2 1/2 $26,950 $12,500
2 21,580 10,000
1 1/2 16,210 7,500
1 10,840 5,000
1/2 5,470 2,500
The student body fee and tuition insurance are not charged to students studying abroad, attending part time or the MALS program.

Indirect Costs, 2022–23

Indirect education expenses are those estimated costs that do NOT appear on the monthly billing statements issued by the Business Office, which include:

Books and Incidentals $1,950
Travel varies by place of residence
Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loan Origination Fees 1–2%
Direct Parent PLUS Loan Origination Fee 4–5%