Student Accounts

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees for Academic Year, 2024–2025

Costs for the next academic year will be published by the following mid-April and can be viewed in the academic catalog. For information regarding tuition billing and payment options, please navigate to the Reed information pages: billing basics and payment options.

Fall 2024: August 16, 2024
Spring 2025: January 10, 2025

Direct Education Expenses

These costs appear on the monthly billing statements issued by the business office; indirect costs are listed further below.

Full-Time Undergraduate Direct Costs

  Annual Per Semester
Tuition: $69,040 $34,520
Student Body Fee:
The $155 per semester student body fee is collected from each full-time student by the business office, except those studying abroad. The funds underwrite and support various student spaces and extracurricular activities and are allocated to the student senate at the beginning of the semester.
310 155
SUBTOTAL: 69,350 34,675
Dormitory Room: 9,050 4,525
Board Plan A: 8,610 4,305
SUBTOTAL: 17,660 8,830
TOTAL: $87,010 $43,505

 Note: All students who live in a residence hall on campus must take board. Students residing in the apartments may choose whether they contract for a board plan. The college offers three declining-balance board plans. The balance is reduced as meals are taken. Plan A is for heavier eaters while Plan C is for lighter eaters. If a student is living in a Birchwood or RCA college apartment they have the option to purchase a board plan or commuter points (commuter points defined:dollar for dollar food points that are purchased and then applied on the student ID card; on an as needed basis, to be spent at Commons.)

Note: Changes to room and board, while a student is enrolled, may be prorated based on a daily rate and may affect the cost of attendance and financial aid award**. Please email for more information.

1 Bedroom Apartment: $11,670 $5,835
2 Bedroom Apartment/per bed: 10,100 5,050
For more information about the other meal plan options and costs, please visit this link.
Board Plan B: $8,210 $4,105
Board Plan C: 7,680 3,840
For more information on the following programs, please visit these links: student health insurance and tuition insurance.
Health Insurance*: $3,762


International Health Insurance*: 2,688


Tuition Insurance*: 648 324
*Students can waive health insurance and/or tuition insurance but must submit a waiver in IRIS prior to the first day of classes. 

**Note from above room and board section:
The cost of attendance is what the college estimates to be a student's cost to attend Reed for one year.

Included in the cost of attendance is the direct cost of tuition, fees, room and board (if the student lives on campus), and indirect cost estimates for books and supplies, personal expenses, and transportation.

Changes to the Cost of Attendance and Financial Aid: Grants may decrease if a student has a decrease in their costs such as:moving off of campus, switching from a Reed apartment to a dorm, or dropping their board plan. 

Part Time Per Semester Tuition

Number of Units Regular MALS
2 1/2 $28,850 $13,200
2 23,100 10,560
1 1/2 17,350 7,920
1 11,600 5,280
1/2 5,850 2,640
The student body fee and tuition insurance are not charged to students attending part time or the MALS program. The student body fee is not charged to students studying abroad. 

Indirect Costs, 2024–25

Indirect education expenses are those estimated costs that do NOT appear on the monthly billing statements issued by the Business Office, which include:

Books and Incidentals $1,950
Travel varies by place of residence
Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loan Origination Fees 1–2%
Direct Parent PLUS Loan Origination Fee 4–5%