Student Accounts

Setting up Authorized Users

Authorized Users

An authorized user is someone a student has invited to the online student account center. This authorization gives Reed College the clearance to share the student's financial information with someone other than the student. If the student would like to authorize up to two people (besides the student) to receive the official Reed  e-bill, they may do so in the student forms section in IRIS. 


Managing Authorized User Account Access

Students can authorize others to assist with the management of the Reed student account. Once the verification process is completed, authorized user account features include:

  • Real-time student account information, including payment and financial aid updates
  • Ability to generate custom account statements by term or date range
  • Student account integrated payment plan options
  • Ability to set up multiple bank accounts for student account payments
  • Integrated international payment option via Flywire

How a Student Sets Up an Authorized User

  • Log into Student Account Center and select "Manage Authorized Users" from the "Actions" drop down menu (top right).
  • Click "Actions" in the upper right corner and choose "Manage Authorized Users".
  • Click "Add Authorized User" to add a new user.
  • Fill in necessary information, including the basic contact information (first name, last name & email address) and the relationship to the authorized user.
  • Click "Create".
  • The authorized user will be sent an email with login instructions, they will need to verify their email address and then access will be granted.

How a Parent/Guardian Requests Authorized User Access

  • On the "Manage Student Account" login page click "Create New Account".
  • Fill in the requested information (first name, last name & email address, password) and click "Create".
  • Click "Add Authorized User".
  • Fill in the requested information (first name, last name & email address) and click "Create".
  • An email is sent to the requestor to validate the email address provided and to activate the account.
  • Once logged on, the process is completed by entering the student's information (Reed ID, DOB, relationship to the student) and clicking on "Next".
  • The email with the authorized user's access request is sent to the student for approval. Please note, the student has the right to decline access.
  • Once the student grants access, the requestor receives notification that authorized user access has been established.

How a Student Removes an Authorized User

Students log into Student Account Center  and select “Manage Authorized Users” from the “Actions” drop down menu (top right) and click on “Edit” and then “Delete”.

Please note, this  action will not remove any release/s the student may have on file with the business office. Please email or call 503-777-7505 for more information.